2-Minute Stacking Beaded Bangle Bracelet

Hey friends!  I’ve got a fun and easy, easy idea for DIY accessories today.  Stacked bracelets are really popular right now, and you can make them as simple or as intricate as you like.  If you want to start simple, this is the perfect beginner jewelry project, because it take NO tools, 2 components, and 2 minutes tops to assemble this arm candy.

2-Minute Stacking Beaded Bangle Bracelet at www.happyhourprojects.com

I’ll leave you links to where I found today’s supplies at Goody Beads, in case you’re looking for the exact components I used.  (They are affiliate links – that means if you decide to buy, your purchase helps keeps me in jewelry supplies for even more fabulous free project ideas.)

2-Minute Stacking Beaded Bangle Bracelet at www.happyhourprojects.com

All you have to do with these bracelets is unscrew the ball stopper, and add on beads.  Because I wanted the wire bangle to show, I only filled them halfway with beads before screwing the stopper back on.  You want to fill the bracelet at least halfway (more is fine if you like more beads) because as you move, the beads will move around.  Sometimes, they will settle at the bottom of the bangle, so if you want beads to always be visible, they have to cover at least half the bracelet.

2-Minute Stacking Beaded Bangle Bracelet at www.happyhourprojects.com

I put all blues and all tans on each bracelet.  Since they’ll be stacked and worn together, it’s still a blend of colors, but this way if I make a lot, I can choose the color combinations.  I can wear green, brown, blue, tan, or any combination of those colors.  (Um, in fact, I’m certainly going to pick up more bracelets on my next order, so I can do exactly that!)

2-Minute Stacking Beaded Bangle Bracelet at www.happyhourprojects.com

I love an easy project.  Experienced jewelry designers might laugh at the simplicity today, but sometimes simple is the way to go!  This combo is understated and beachy, with next to no effort.  Plus, even total beginners can put this together, which always makes me happy to hear – that people are getting into making their own accessories for the first time!

2-Minute Stacking Beaded Bangle Bracelet at www.happyhourprojects.com

How many of your accessories do you make yourself?  Are you just getting started, or have you been doing it for a while now?  (Don’t you just love saying, “thanks, I made it myself!”?)

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    • says

      I’m not sure – I would say probably not. Mine is 7″ and you can see from the photo where I am wearing it, it’s a close fit.

  1. says

    Adrianne you did a great job, I love the beads you have used, I have these as well. I need to get back in my craft room and make some of these. I have used memory wire and created my own cuffs. I can see you are very busy with your other projects. too!!

  2. Norissa Levin says

    Your bracelets are lovely and I was wondering if you would use different colored beads such as: clear, pink, or other bright colors?

    • says

      Any beads with a large enough hole to slip onto the wire bracelet would work just fine, so definitely get creative with the colors you like best!

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