Blitsy Blog Leap with Easy Watercolor and a $100 Giveaway

Hey friends!  Happy Monday!  Let’s kick off the week with something fun.  As you know, it’s LEAP DAY – that bonus day we get every 4 years.  So let’s celebrate with some bonus deals, steals and a great giveaway… sound good?

$100 Blitsy Giveaway at

What’s a Blog Leap? Okay, it’s just like a Blog Hop.  But being Leap Day – same thing, right?  Just bounce around each blog for a chance to win something, and to get some inspiration along the way.

One of the ways I’d like to inspire you today is to show you a really easy watercolor card.  I cannot paint to save my life… it’s true.  Really! But messy watercolors?  I can handle that.  So today I’m using some of the awesome Tim Holtz Mini Distress Inks (that you can find at Blitsy!) to fake my way through watercoloring.

Easy Watercolor Card at

To make a card of your own, just use a waterproof ink to stamp your pattern onto a card – in my case, a floral design.

Easy Watercolor Card at

Then, apply Distress Inks in that shades you love most to an acrylic stamp block (this is Spiced Marmalade and Picked Raspberry).  Dip a small paintbrush in water, and blend and pick up the ink off the block with as much or as little water as you like to vary the intensity.  Use the ink to paint your card.  It’s that easy!  You may think I’m going for faux-messy here, but I’m not even kidding, I CANNOT paint.  This is really my actual skill level… messy!  But if I can do it, YOU can do it, too!

Easy Watercolor Card at

Blog Leap Details

There are 8 Blogs participating. Just make sure to visit each one, and enter for a chance to win $100 to spend at Blitsy! Each Blog will have a secret word, which is your entry for the prize. The secret word here at Happy Hour Projects is… ROLLERCOASTER. Just type that into the Rafflecopter below, and head over to the next blog for another entry. You have until 11:59pm CST on Wednesday, March 3rd to enter. The winner will be posted here as well as announced on Live with Blitsy on Thursday at 10am CST.

Blog 1: Blitsy
Blog 2: Pinkcloud Scrappers (Lori Williams)
Blog 3: Harvest Moon Papiere (Chrissie Tobas)
Blog 4: Kim Dellow
Blog 5: Easy Peasy and Fun (Andreja Vučajnk)
Blog 6: Inky Fairy Designs (Carisa Zglobicki)
Blog 7: My Purpley Life (Jennifer Reyes)
Blog 8: Happy Hour Projects – you are here!  If you haven’t claimed all 8 of your entries yet, head on back to Blitsy to finish the loop. What’s also awesome is that there are 29 cent items hidden ALL over the Blitsy site! Find them for yourself to score some amazing deals.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for joining in the fun today, and GOOD LUCK!

Adrianne Surian


  1. Maria Stuck says

    Ok I am really confused here ……..I can’t go back in the contest to change my answers t the 1-8 Blog post only #1 (Blitsy) & #3 (Inspired) gave me the answer when i was at thier Blog #2 did not have a secret word(s) …….I am really confused here ?

    • MaggieB says

      Hi Maria ~ I’ve found all the secrets words, so go back and take a quick look. Hope you find them all.!!

  2. MaggieB says

    Hi Adrianne ~ Beautiful card. I love watercoloring too and can’t paint worth beans but using the Distress Inks iss one of my two go-to methods. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Cheryl Otto-Cunningham says

    How do I change an entry? I didn’t notice until too late that this site was number 8, not number 1!
    Thanks ~

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