Book Page Necklace

I love books.  I love books, and I love writing, and I love reading, and I. Love. Books.

I love crafting (clearly), so I wanted to make a little something bookish.  I’ve seen a lot of tutorials out there using old books and book pages, and I have to admit… it seems like a sacrilege, LOL.  As much as I enjoy crafting, I just cannot sacrifice a book to make something cool.

And then I remembered the scanner my husband got me for Christmas, and suddenly, I got very excited about crafting with book pages.  (Want to see another great project?  My Hunger Games Bracelet has been a popular project as well!)

I picked up this little photo-frame jewelry finding at Hobby Lobby on one of my many trips.  It was on sale for half-off, so for $1.24 I knew I could find something to do with it.  It’s a sizable little frame – 1″ wide by 2″ tall!  And it’s been sitting for a few months – but when I had this idea, I knew it’s exactly what I wanted to turn it into: a book page pendant.  Everything for this project came from my stash (go, me!) but supplies are pretty reasonable for this one if you are inspired to make your own.

First, because I’m a huge chicken on the topic of destroying perfectly good books, I scanned the page I wanted from a favorite book of mine: Faith of the Fallen by Terry Goodkind.  I cannot in good conscience tell you that this is OK.  In fact, I’m sure it breaks copyright law.  But I can’t bring myself to cut up my favorite book, and if Terry Goodkind sues me, at least I will have his autograph on something, right?

Anyway, I found my favorite part in about 2.3 seconds (LOL) and I laid out the glass from the pendant frame to see just what would look best, while also picking out the phrase that comes to mind whenever I think of this book.

I trimmed it out, and put it in the frame.  Then, I raided my stash for an appropriate chain.  But it looked a little plain.  So I decided to add a little charm.

Charms are very easy.  I will show you how to make them if you haven’t done it before.  I use my round jewelry pliers, because that’s easiest, but if you only have regular pliers, those will work just fine!

You will need a jewelry pin with a head on it.  Mine has a small flat head (not a decorative one) so I put a seed bead on the end.  If you’re using a larger bead, you run the risk of it sliding right over the head.  (You’ll notice the bead in the photo is different than what I ended up using – this happens to me all the time.  I have trouble envisioning what I want, so I just try a whole bunch of beads until I like how it looks.)  I ended up picking a stone bead and a white pearl.  I think they are fitting for the book.  And yes, I’m the nerd who considers the symbolism in addition to the style.

Like so.

Thread your beads on how you like.  Then, you’re going to curve the end of your pin into a ring to hang it from.

First, bend it.

Then curve it over your pliers and around.

Then twist the extra around the base of the ring you just made.  (If you are using small beads, or a really long pin, you may want to trim your pin down before wrapping the end.)

Then, just take a jump ring and add your charm to your necklace – that’s it!

Now I want to do this for all my favorite books! :)

So – what’s your favorite book?
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~ Adrianne


  1. Carmella says

    What a great project! I love the idea of scanning the pages…so far I have not been willing to cut any books, so now I know what to do! And favorite books….oh so many!

  2. Jennifer says

    Hi – I found your site very recently through Pinterest. Thanks for this great tutorial. I love the idea of charms but have never figured out how to do it. Now I'm all set to go crazy!

  3. Terry says

    Oh, this project gave me chills. I love the idea, I love how it looks, love the charm (and appreciated the tutorial for making the loop because I'm always wonky on that part for some reason). I love the quote: ” Your life is yours alone. Rise up and live it.” Did you wish you could have gotten both parts in the frame? Just curious. Anyway,…as you can tell I absolutely love this idea!

  4. Kimberly Sneed says

    OH! I just LOVE this idea! Found you through the St. Patty's Day link-up, I've been linking my projects! ;)


  5. MrsFoxsSweets says

    Awesomeness! I love the idea of wearing your favorite book! I love how you added the beads too!

  6. Red says

    I found your post through Pinterest. I am going to have to do this soon! Like you I cannot fathom cutting up a book; I will be scanning a page from my favorite book the same way you did here. As soon as I can pick which passage I would most like to make use of – my favorite book has so many bits and pieces I adore, it will be hard to choose a favorite! Perhaps I'll make several… Thank you for sharing your tutorial! =)

  7. Karen says

    I think this is such a great idea! I loved the look of it. It has kind of a vintage feel to it. Fabulous!

  8. Kaile Ann says

    I love this! I am a bookworm and have MANY bookish friends. This will be a great treat for them!
    Where did you get those tiny frames?

  9. Shannon says

    I made one of these from my favorite book series The Dark Tower (Stephen King). I typed out the quote since all of it would not fit in the frame and printed it. I dyed it with coffee to make it look older. I used the antique copper frame for mine. I also put it on a copper chain. I was going to add beads like you did but I decided to leave it plain. I got the bracelet to make the book (bracelet) you posted but it was not good quality (the clasp broke before I even started the project) and I have to wait to order one from a store on ETSY.
    Here is the quote I chose.
    “See the TURTLE of enormous girth!
    On his shell he holds the earth
    If you want to run and play,
    Come along the BEAM today.”
    I love this necklace, thanks so much for posting this tutorial!

  10. Kerr says

    Wow that is so simple yet such a statement! I love this idea and feel like I need to make a dozen now. Adding it to the girnormous “I want to do” list. I found you via as your tutorial is featured there.


  11. Mervis smycken/Sländan says

    What a wonderful idea!! My favourite book is Outlander with Diana Gabaldon. Hmm, let me think… Is this a project for me?!!

  12. Angi says

    You are not breaking any copyright laws. Using a small part of something falls under fair use.

  13. jjflamingo says

    just thinking how you could make several smaller charms and use different quite from all your fav books to make a bracelet. love the idea! I will be going to try to find the frame soon and make one (or two) of my own.

  14. Emily says

    This is soooo cute! I am going to make this for my daughter for her birthday with a passage from The Hunger Games she is going to love it thank you so much it's such a good idea!!!!!!!

  15. Sopralto says

    Fabulous idea. I am not a crafty person, but put it in your Etsy shop and I'll buy one in a heartbeat! My idea would be to take a worn out hymnbook or school music text book and cut out a part of the musical score to make a book/music pendant! I collect hymnbooks so this would be perfect for me and all my choral friends.

  16. says

    Hi Adrianne,

    I saw your book page necklace on Pinterest, and I was wondering if you’d mind me using the first of the images on this page (the image that shows your website’s URL) in one of my blog posts. I believe it would help drive traffic to your pages.

    I run a Secret Santa/Secret Pal idea blog (see link) and this would be a perfect project for my readers. I’ll show them the finished product and say, “Now if you want to make it, go to HappyHourProjects for the instructions.

    I’ll wait at least a full month before posting it to give you a chance to respond to this.



  17. says

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