Casual Entertaining: How to Host a Coffee Bar

Hey friends!  So it’s that time of year when we catch up with friends and family that we haven’t seen since last year’s holiday season – whether that’s a family Christmas, cookie exchange, a craft night to make Christmas cards, or even an event with your co-workers.  For me, every November is the time to gather members of my writing group together.  Used to be, I was at a loss for what to serve when I was entertaining so casually – it’s not the type of party that requires a meal, and chances are someone else will be bringing some sweet treats along.  One year, I hit on the idea of hosting a little coffee bar, and the idea was so successful, that it’s now my official “thing”!  Adrianne will bring the drinks!

How to Host a Coffee Bar for casual entertaining at

It’s not hard to put a coffee bar together, and it’s made even easier with today’s post sponsor, Absopure.  Because Absopure offers both home and office delivery, you can actually have nearly everything brought right to you!  All you have to do is put out cups and the traditional hot beverage fixings.  They even lease water coolers and Keurig machines, so if you don’t already have one, you can get one for a small monthly rental.

How to Host a Coffee Bar for casual entertaining at

Here’s what you need to know to host a successful coffee bar: Begin with variety.  Offer coffees, teas, and cocoas.  Not everyone loves coffee (I know, I can’t believe that either! LOL) so offering some non-coffee choices will make everyone happy!  I usually rely on sampler packs to help with variety: a Decaf Sampler, Tea Sampler, and a flavored coffee option covers a HUGE range of palates.  Add in cocoa or hot cider, a classic breakfast blend, and bottled water and everyone will find something they can enjoy.

How to Host a Coffee Bar for casual entertaining at

Next, don’t forget the add-ins.  You may take your coffee black, but some half and half or milk, some sugar, and even marshmallows for cocoa will ensure that everyone can enjoy their favorite cup.  Need some help here?  Ask around to see if others would like to contribute snacks, cream, or anything else related.

How to Host a Coffee Bar for casual entertaining at

Don’t forget cups and bottled water.  Using disposable cups not only insulates hot beverages to keep them hot, but when your guests hit the road they can bring their drink with them instead of wasting it.  People can also write their names on their cups so that they don’t get mixed up!

Any leftover K-Cups that might not be to your taste can be saved for your next coffee bar event, or included in food gifts (which are of course SO popular this time of year).

How to Host a Coffee Bar for casual entertaining at

Having Absopure home delivery has been wonderful.  I have never run out of coffee or water.  They have a huge variety, and they deliver right to my doorstep.  Having a water cooler has taught my kids to enjoy drinking more water – they actually ask for water before soft drinks!  My daughter even asks for the small packable sized bottles in her lunch box.  The value of healthy habits is something I can’t even put a price tag on – home delivery has been one of the best decisions we’ve made for our family.

Thanks for joining me for today’s casual entertaining idea!  I hope you have fun with it!

Adrianne Surian

Note: as an Absopure blogger, I was provided with select products in exchange for sharing my thoughts and ideas with my readers.  This is not a paid campaign, but my own honest opinions, experiences, and ideas.  You can learn more about Absopure’s services and see if you’re in the delivery area by visiting their website or calling 800-499-9938.

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