Cotton Chicks From Easter Eggs

I know this seems a day late, but… do you suddenly have a WHOLE bunch of eggs to use up from Easter now that it’s over?  Here’s a fun project for your kiddos that uses those extra eggshells.  And kids don’t mind if Easter has already gone – they will have lots of fun “hatching” their own chicks!

Cotton Chicks from Easter Eggs


You only need a few household supplies for this project:

  • Eggshell halves – wash them well!  It’s ok if the shells have been dyed.
  • Cotton balls
  • Optional food coloring
  • Construction or scrapbook paper scraps
  • Craft Glue

Save a few eggshell halves as you use your eggs.  Wash them well and let them dry.

If you plan for your chicks to be yellow, add a few drops of food coloring to a small bowl of water.

Cotton Chicks from Easter Eggs

Dip your cotton balls, and then set them on a paper plate to dry.  Overnight works best, so you may want to prepare this ahead of time for your chicks.  You can also just use white cotton balls – especially for colored egg shells.

Cotton Chicks from Easter Eggs

When they are dry, just fluff them up a little, and have your kids glue them into the eggshell halves.

Cotton Chicks from Easter Eggs


Trim beaks, eyes, and any sort of decoration you want to add from some scrap paper.  Let the kids have fun making faces!

Cotton Chicks from Easter Eggs


That’s it!  It’s a great project to craft with what you have at home.  The eggshells won’t last forever, but they will certainly make it a few weeks.


Cotton Chicks from Easter Eggs

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter – it was a great day at our house. :)



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