Couch-Bound Crafts: Wire Bird Nest Pendant

So my time healing up on the couch is making me a little stir-crazy. Managed to bring a few supplies and sit with the sleepy miss for a while, and I finally tried a project I have been meaning to for a while: the wire bird nest pendant. I love it, turns out they’re fairly easy – even on pain meds. ;)

I just used some 24-gauge silver-plated wire and some glass pearls (since that’s what I had) and with a little help from my jewelry pliers and wirecutters, I had myself a nice little pendant in about 15 minutes.

Yes, that would be said pain meds in the background. :P Getting operated on is so inconvenient, lol! And blogging from my phone really isn’t the same, either. Can’t wait til I’m better!! I link to these fabulous parties!


  1. Crafty Newbie says

    How precious! Being on the couch apparently allows for other projects in your life! GET WELL SOON! :)

  2. Pamela says

    I love all things bird and this is beautiful. I'm sure it's a blessing just to be able to craft while healing. Why does laying on the couch doing nothing sound so glamorous when we're busy but is totally tiring when not?

  3. Dee Burns says

    This turned out really well, love the little nest. I make Jewelry but haven't done much wire wrapping. I may have to try this one…it's so cute. I have glass pearls too and love them.
    Hope you are better soon.
    Take care!
    Dee B

  4. Amanda K says

    I love these little nests! They turn out so cute and your's are no different – just darling my dear!!

  5. says

    really love this!! looks great – even on pain meds! or maybe it looks great because of the pain meds?? ;) hmmm…maybe I should get me some o' those… ;)

  6. Coley says

    Popped over from Tater Tots and Jello…. That turned out so cute! I have been doing some couch bound crafting myself. I made a ton of clothespin magnets because they were easy to make while sitting on the couch! I hope you recover and get off the couch quickly!

  7. Tammy says

    Aren't these fun? I made one for myself a while back, then my daughter had to have one, my mother in law, a girl friend, the girl friend's boss, my daughter's friend… I'm warning you, you better not ever wear it outside your house!
    Get better soon!!!

  8. Amy C says

    Your's turned out great! I like that you made your own ring to hook to a chain rather than a jump ring. I've made some of these and they are so easy, but I did the jump ring. Looks Great!!

  9. cooperkelly4 says

    ok, this is adorable. I actually got one for a gift (very expensive!) and would LOVE to make them for gifts for friends. Maybe I am a little slow, lol, but how did you actually do this? help! love this! Kelly

  10. cooperkelly4 says

    ok, just googled it and found a video tutorial!!!! you are totally making Christmas easy for me this year. Thanks so much!!!!!! feel better soon!

  11. Terry says

    You've done such a nice job. sorry you were couch-bound,..not much fun. At least you were productive.

  12. Lindsay says

    This is so lovely! And only 15 minutes?? My kind of project! Thanks for sharing this gorgeous piece at Show & Share!

  13. Marie says

    I love this! I've been meaning to make them for my mom and mil for mother's day the past couple years! Now I know how easy they are I might get it done next year :) I hope you get feeling better soon! I've tried blogging on my iphone and its not easy! :) So glad you linked up with us at Show & Share!


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