DIY Hunger Games Locket

I’m really excited to share today’s project with you. It’s an easy keepsake glass locket that I made with a Hunger Games theme – you can really personalize these awesome lockets however you like, but as I’m getting ready for the Catching Fire movie to come out, I’ll tell you a little bit about how I made mine!

DIY Hunger Games Theme Locket at

Glass lockets are available at a few different jewelry sources, I like Goody Beads but you can find them elsewhere as well. The charms I used were some I picked up at several different sources as I was planning this piece. Since I can’t give you a way to replicate this look exactly, I am going to give you some suggestions for putting your own locket together!

If you’re planning a Hunger Games theme too, here are some suggestions.

First of all, you want your charm size to be approximately half the diameter of your locket, otherwise your locket will end up looking a bit empty. (You can also compensate by adding more charms, but if you have too many things going on in there, it’s hard for the identifying pieces to stand out well.) So if you have a 30mm locket, flat charms of between 10mm-15mm will look nice.

Also – it’s not likely you will be able to find every single component you want (or find it at the right size, for the right price). So don’t be afraid to create your own charms!

DIY Hunger Games Theme Locket at

Polymer clay is a great medium, and I used Shrinky Dinks to make a couple of my charms!

DIY Hunger Games Theme Locket at

Things I included in my locket:
A pearl – be sure it’s small enough that the locket can still close! Mine is 4mm.
Two sizes of birds/mockingjays
An arrow
The number 12
A clock face

Some other things you can consider:
Coal (you could easily make a lump from polymer clay)
A rose (for President Snow)
A tree (for Gale)
A parachute

Any icons from the book make for great additions. You can do the same thing for any story you love too – whether that is Harry Potter or Twilight or whatever you are into!

DIY Hunger Games Theme Locket at

I put mine on a 24-inch chain and I’ll be wearing to all my bookish functions. ;) I can’t wait for the movie release! How about you, are you a Hunger Games fan?


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    Hunger Games fans will go gaga over this, Adrianne! What a cute idea! And I love that you were able to create some of the charms yourself. Hope you have a wonderful week!

    ~Abby =)

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    Oh my what a great idea. I am a fan of Hunger Games but I’m also thinking there are all kinds of options/themes that can be used with this locket.
    Well done!

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    Just LOVE this! I had always wanted a Hunger Games themed badge/locket and here it is! Thanks for sharing, pinning it for later.

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    This is so cute! I’ve never seen or read the Hunger Games, but I love the idea! I’ll be checking out Goody Beads (and considering using Shrinky Dinks more) for sure! :)

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