Easter Hair Ties

Today I’ve got one of those easier-than-easy projects – which suits my weekend, because things are still all torn up around my house. ;) But to get ready for the seasons, you can turn tags and other embellishments into cute little girly hair accessories!

Simple Easter Hair Tie

This was a five-minute project (drying time was a little extra).  Let me give you the run-down on how to attach hair ties to wooden tags!  I got these wooden tags from Wholeport.  My kiddo thinks they look sad… I think they are cute.  But we may need to draw a smiley face on. ;) Haha.

You will need a cute tag or embellishment, a hair elastic, a scrap of felt and craft glue.  You will probably also find it helpful to have a couple clothespins on hand while it dries, depending on what type of glue you are using.

Simple Easter Hair Tie

Cut your felt to fit the backside of your tag.  Cover your tag with a bit of craft glue.  You can use hot glue (I didn’t… because I can’t seem to find my hot glue gun.  *sigh*) I really like water-soluble super glue, but you can stick to your own preference.

Simple Easter Hair Tie

Add your hair tie, and cover it with your felt.  If you’re using a slower-drying glue (like I am) you might want to clip a clothespin onto it for a close bond.

Simple Easter Hair Tie

All you need to do is let it dry (depending on the glue you use, it could be an hour or overnight) and then it’s ready to wear!  If you (or your kids) aren’t big on ponytailers, you can also use an alligator clip instead with the same method.

Simple Easter Hair Tie

Love this little touch!  The hair tie held up a whole lot better than the ponytail itself, haha!




  1. tavette says

    I agree with Kiddo. An upturned mouth will make all the difference and it will only take a second to turn a frown into a smile.

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