Easy Owl Cake With #CoolWhipFrosting

If you read here often, I’m sure by now you know – as much as I LOVE the cute, sweet treats – I have zero patience for them.  Which is why when you read here, I can assure you, if I can do it, you can do it.  Like today’s cake!  This little owl cake takes no special pans, and is 100% beginner-friendly.  If you can wield a frosting spatula (this is me, showing off my ignorance in baking-terminology) you can totally do this.  And WHOOOO doesn’t love owls?? 

Easy Owl Cake

This little cake was a just-because treat for my family.  We had nothing planned for the weekend, so I asked Kevin if he was in the mood for cake (silly question, of course he was).  I even let him pick – chocolate.  My daughter has been on an owl kick, I swear she can spot them from like 50 feet away, and starts hooting, so I thought it would be fun to make up an owl cake.

I’ve made a bunny-shaped Easter cake using the same philosophy, where you bake up 2 9″ rounds, use one as the body, and carve the other one up for the “extra parts”.  So I was sure an owl would be equally easy (and it is!)

All you need is a pair of 9″ round pans, a regular box cake mix – any kind is fine, or of course you can use a family recipe – icing or sprinkles for the face (I’d really recommend icing to keep it easy, but I had sprinkles, so that is what I used) and of course – frosting.  I used Cool Whip Frosting (and it is AMAZING!)

Easy Owl Cake

I picked up the frosting from the freezer section on my last trip to Walmart.  There are 3 flavors – vanilla, cream cheese, and chocolate.

Cool Whip Frosting

It was a whole-family trip to Walmart Saturday morning.  Which I always think is fun, because my family is pretty funny.  (In fact, you can see a recap of our shopping trip on the Happy Hour Projects g+ page!)

Shopping at Walmart

(Before anyone gets upset about the Coke, I did take it away from her.  It was just too cute not to get a photo first.  Kevin should have known not to leave it where she can reach it, haha.) ;)

Once we got home, I got to baking.  Just follow the instructions for the cake – nothing special!

Easy Owl Cake

Now, reserve one round for the base of the body.  The other round will be cut up to make the ears, wings, and feet.  The feet were an afterthought for me, so they’re not pictured here, but I decided it needed feet when I saw it.  It’s easiest if you use a bread knife or other serrated knife.

Easy Owl Cake

You may have to do some finer trimming to match up the pieces to the body, but don’t worry if it’s not exact.  The frosting will help you cover any little gaps.

Easy Owl Cake

I’d say you will have leftover pieces on the round you cut up… but… ummm… I didn’t?  LOL!  (Hey, don’t judge – the frosting is so fluffy and yummy it would have been a crime not to sample it.) ;)

Cool Whip Frosting

If you go the sprinkles-route, it’s a bit of a painstaking process, I’ll admit.  I used a piece of wax paper to block off the parts I wanted to sprinkle.  This is also really difficult to photograph.  If you’re a total newbie, let me suggest using colored icing to keep it easy.  But, use what you have!  I’m sure it will turn out great.

Easy Owl Cake

I just winged it on the design.  (No pun intended.)  I originally had just the face, and my husband suggested it needed more.  So I added some chocolate sprinkles on the body to make him look more feathery.

Easy Owl Cake

When Raya got up from her nap, I got to surprise her with a little owl cake!

Easy Owl Cake

She loved it!!  And the Cool Whip frosting was a definite winner – she kept touching it and licking her fingers – which is saying a LOT for a kid who refuses to get messy.  (No cake smash for this young lady.)

Easy Owl Cake

My husband and I loved it too… we’re just not as cute when we eat, LOL.

If you haven’t tried Cool Whip frosting yet, let me give you a little extra incentive to see for yourself how yummy it is!  Here is a coupon you can use for your next cake (or cupcake) creation!  You can also keep up with what’s new by checking out the Cool Whip Facebook page!

Coupon printing help resource

Do you like spontaneous celebrating, too?  What kinds of things do you do to make a normal day special for your family?


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  1. eva scott says

    How adorable! I don’t always love the heaviness of frosting so I use cool which frosting sometimes too. This turned out super cute!

  2. says

    How cute!! Raya and the cake are both adorable! I hadn’t heard of the cool whip frosting it looks yummy! Thanks for sharing.:)

  3. says

    This cake is too cute! I love owls…might have to treat myself to an owl cake for my own birthday! :)
    Your daughter is precious, too!

  4. shelly says

    That is just too adorable! I love owls and I know my kiddo would love that cake for her birthday.

  5. Annabelle says

    I’m so happy you don’t need a special cake pan for this- I have an owl-loving daughter turning 8 in March, so thank you so much for this adorable cake idea! I really hope my supermarket starts carrying the Cool Whip frosting soon- buttercream is good, but so heavy!

  6. says

    Looks like you had a lot of fun. That is so cute and looks so easy. I have the cake mix but we used the frosting for something else. I think I will do this as a fun project with my son.

  7. says

    How super cute! You did a great job! I was not even aware of Cool Whip’s frosting! I am visiting you from the party on Crafty Confessions!


    You should come link up your cake at my link party… it closes Friday but opens back up on Monday! Feel free to come link up this today though if you would like!

  8. says

    What a fun cake! I appreciate that you shared the step process because even if I can “see” the end result, I have a terrible time figuring out the process to get there! You make it look so easy, and delicious, of course, with that yummy Cool Whip Frosting :) Thanks for sharing!

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