Five Minute Leather Bracelet

Good morning! Well, I sure am short on craft time in these early newborn days, since my free time is a choice between taking a nap or getting my supplies out. ;) So a fast and easy jewelry project is a perfect way to get my craft fix (and still have time to start that load of laundry).  I made up this simple leather bracelet, and I wanted to share!  A beautiful DIY jewelry project doesn’t have to be complicated, after all.

Five Minute Leather Bracelet Tutorial at

I got my supplies for today’s project from Goody Beads.  When I spotted their leather jewelry accessories and supplies, I had to try out a few of their components!  You will only need 3 things to make this bracelet – I’m going to include links to the pieces I used in case you want to check them out for yourself.

Five Minute Leather Bracelet Tutorial at

Find the center of your leather loop, and double it up.  This loop is what will slide through your round clasp to secure it on your wrist.

Five Minute Leather Bracelet Tutorial at

If you are using an accent bead, slide it onto the two cords.

Five Minute Leather Bracelet Tutorial at

Glue the ends into the base of the clasp and allow it to dry.

Five Minute Leather Bracelet Tutorial at

And that is it!  It only takes a few minutes for a fabulous leather bracelet!

Five Minute Leather Bracelet Tutorial at

You know I LOVE quick projects like these, so be on the lookout for more 10-minute-or-less projects in the coming weeks (all right, when I have time – hauling out the supplies for a project like this – and writing it up to share with you – takes so much longer than the project itself!)



  1. Kirsten says

    Love this bracelet! And I admire the fact that you’re crafting at all right now with your new little man at home! :) Hope the family is doing well!

  2. Carmen Lucero says

    That was so easy!! I have some leather cord I bought on clearance at Tandy’s, now to find the clasp and the bead. Thanks for the tut!

    Carmen L

  3. Judi says

    A beautiful design! No one would believe it was made in five minutes. I can’t wait to make this one!! May make some extras for gifts for my stylish friends!!

  4. says

    That’s my kind of easy! I’m going to file this for my Girlfriends group at church. I’m always looking for quick and easy crafts for our ladies group. I found one! Thanks bunches!

  5. says

    Have I mentioned how smart you are to stick with this theme of quick easy projects? It’s so much bang for the little buck! Gorgeous as always my friend. Sending hugs and kisses to the little pirate and the bambino :-)

  6. says

    I think I am obsessed with this bracelet. I really want to make it, but it looks like the clasp is no longer available with your link :( Do you know where else I could find it?

  7. Suan says

    This is so amazing!!! I want to make it right NOW!! :) Thank you for sharing. The links for the supplies say they are not available. Now I’m sad :(

  8. says

    I am the black and silver braclet king! And I just love this quick, easy (and quite awesome) Bracelet Idea…I will have my daughter put this one together for me!


  9. Linda says

    What great ideas you have. I love the “5 minute leather bracelet” and will get started on this very soon. Every Christmas I give my guests a little handmade gift, which is usually earrings, but this year I will expand my gifts thanks to your great ideas. Simple, but elegant! Love it!

  10. says


    I found your post from stylegawker – thought the bracelet was super cute and was wondering how you got the metal parts on it… when I got here I realized you were ALSO an Adrianne!

    I’ve honestly never met anyone else who spells it the same way I do! I’m so excited to “meet” you :)

  11. Mary says

    I really love this bracelet. However, I am unable to find the clasp! Goody apparently doesn’t sell it anymore. Do you know someplace else that would sell the clasp?

  12. Patsy says

    Loved this bracelet and the tutorial is excellent. I plan to make the bracelets for a fundraiser, ordered from Goodys and just made my first bracelet. I really needed more than 14″ of the 5mm leather and I have very skinny wrists measuring 6″. I could hardly get the very stiff black cord around my wrist and it is way too tight. Also the charm slides – did you glue the charm in place ?? the bracelet looks great but 14″ is definitely too short !

  13. Noemi Carrion says

    Hello can you tell me where you bought the material for this bracelet? Thank you for sharing

  14. darla says

    Purchased the 5mm round leather and round hook from goodys. I can’t get the leathet to fit undet the hook to b be able to get it off and on.

  15. Norma jean says

    Adrianne, a most appreciated tutorial as usual and also the other one with snake clasp. A quick project, great tutorial, inexpensive, worthy of a chic store’s notice, easy to make and you are a great person to be kind and share…now I am going to try one with a slim belt?? Can’t lose much – it has frayed spots. Love your jewelry projects.

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