Glue-and-Go Rhinestone and Leather Bracelet

Today’s piece is one of those where I feel like I’m cheating. ;) How can I in good conscience tell you this is a “tutorial”?  Because you seriously just glue and go for this pretty spring rhinestone bracelet!  But I’ll show you how I made it anyway – if you have never made your own jewelry or accessories, this is a perfect project to try for starters.  (Plus, it’s so satisfying to say, “thanks, I made it!”)

Glue-and-Go Easy Rhinestone and Leather Spring Bracelet at

I got my supplies today from Goody Beads.  I’m not being paid to promote them, though I did get free product for this project.  This is my own design with components I picked out for myself, and I am going to link to the pieces I used for this bracelet to make it easy for you, in case you want to make this design for yourself.  (I don’t make any money off your purchase, I just get a free care package every so often to say thanks for talking about their online store.  Click the links if you like, or just enjoy the free inspiration!)

What you will need:

Glue-and-Go Easy Rhinestone and Leather Spring Bracelet at

Separate your end caps from each other, first of all.  They are really secure magnets, and will attract each other from a few inches away.  Awesome when you’re putting it on or wearing it.  Not awesome when you’re trying to glue something to it and it goes zooming across your workspace ;)

Add your bead onto the leather, then add a bit of glue to one end of your end caps.  Fill it abot 1/3 to 1/2 of the way full.  Then, add one end of your leather.  Allow it to set for a minute.

Glue-and-Go Easy Rhinestone and Leather Spring Bracelet at

Do the same with the other end of the leather and the other side of your clasp.

This is seriously the easiest way to allow it to set, crazy as that sounds.  It will keep the leather straight in the end caps, and the magnet side is a nice wide base.  It will be plenty steady. :)

Glue-and-Go Easy Rhinestone and Leather Spring Bracelet at

Now I said glue and go in the title… I have to make the disclaimer that it’s really glue and wait five minutes before putting it on and going anywhere.  Ahem.  But this is still easily a 10-minute or less project, even when you take glue drying into account!  Jewelry glue is like superglue.  It dries really quickly.

Glue-and-Go Easy Rhinestone and Leather Spring Bracelet at

What kinds of spring accessories are you making right now?

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  1. joyce says

    Adrianne, this bracelet is really cute and it looks really easy to make. I am looking for a way to make a stretch rhinestone bracelet and I cannot find anything. Have you any ideas? thanks, Joyce

  2. Crystal says

    You amaze me all the time with how creative you are!! Your jewelry is always to pretty and unique. I love it!!

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