Simple Hammered Wire Earrings

T.G.I.F.  Seriously.  This week has been a killer!  But it’s slated to be a gorgeous weekend around here, and I also have a fabulous new accessory to show you how to make today.  All this craziness in my household has translated to MUST USE HAMMER.  I’ve been playing around with a few hammered wire designs lately, and I finally hit on a design and supplies that I feel 100% comfortable encouraging beginners to try out – I’m excited to share with you how to make hammered wire jewelry.  I started with earrings today, but I love them so much you better believe this will be part of a matched set, I’m thinking next week I’ll play with a few other designs!

The aluminum wire is different than what I’ve seen other working with out  there.  I’ve tried my hand at a few silver plated copper wire designs, but they just didn’t turn out that well for me and I wasn’t comfortable saying to you guys, “here’s how you do it!” when I wasn’t thrilled with my own results.  So.  I’ve done some experimenting and now that I have a project I’m in love with… well, you’re welcome.  Haha.

Basic Hammered Wire Earrings Tutorial at

What you will need:

Basic Hammered Wire Earrings Tutorial at

  • 12-gauge aluminum wire (you may have to try the floral department for this?)
  • chasing hammer
  • bench block (or anvil)
  • wire cutters
  • nylon pliers (optional, but helpful for straightening your wire off the coil)
  • 1/16″ hole punch
  • earring wires

The thing about banging on metal is, the impact hardens it.  So this aluminum wire starts out really soft, but as you flatten and texturize it, you’ll have a much harder element to add to your designs.

First, if you’re working off a coil, you may want to straighten your wire with nylon pliers before you get started.  Any curve in your wire will be retained once you start banging on it.  Maybe that’s a look you’re going for, and if so, hey – that’s cool!  But I wanted a slightly straighter start.  It will take on a more organic shape once you start manipulating it but I wanted it as straight as possible to start.

Cut off two equal-length pieces of wire.  I cut mine about 1.25 inches but this is really up to you and your tastes.

Basic Hammered Wire Earrings Tutorial at

Now, it’s time to bang on stuff.  I started at the ends of each piece, flattening with the flat end of my hammer.  The flatter it gets, the wider it gets, and that’s what will accommodate a hole being punched.  I also hammered the center, but not as much, so it’s got a thinner appearance in the middle.  Once I had a shape and size I liked, I turned my hammer over and texturized with the rounded side.  Finally I popped a small (1/16″) hole in one end with my screw-down hole punch.  (If you have a hand punch, that’s fine too – this is just what I have for making holes.)

Basic Hammered Wire Earrings Tutorial at

Then, just attach earring wires to each piece.

Basic Hammered Wire Earrings Tutorial at

In just ten minutes, you get to take a hammer to something, form it and bend it to your will, and then put it on as a fabulous accessory.  That’s my kinda project!

Basic Hammered Wire Earrings Tutorial at

You’ve got this sort of free-form metal appearance that’s both unique and easy.  And aluminum wire is really inexpensive, so if you need to practice a couple times before you get a pair of bars you like the looks of together, that’s okay!

Basic Hammered Wire Earrings Tutorial at

What do you think?  Does it make you want to hammer on metal too?

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  1. Sara Golden says

    These are gorgeous! I definitely want to hammer now:) I’ve been wanting to get into some metal stamping/jewelry making lately, these may push me to get some supplies!

  2. Amy says

    Super Simple. Great results!! Thank you for the easy-to-follow directions:) Can’t wait to try these.

  3. Kathie says

    Great idea! Love the hammered look and free form nature. Also think it would be a good outlet for frustrations and stress relief. Great combo! ;) thanks for sharing .

    • says

      I love these earrings!- so simple but elegant. I hammer all my jewelry pieces I make, I think the textured look adds a deeper dimension to the piece. Thanks for sharing

  4. marrianne says

    I love these and have been wanting to hammer my own pieces but wasn’t sure were to begin so Thank you so much for sharing !!!

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