Instant Holiday Stationery

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'Tis the season for packaging and shipping, it feels like!  If you are a DIY-er, you may have an Etsy shop, or are sending out some handmade items.  Even if you're not shipping for profit, you probably have family and friends you're mailing to.  I have friends all over the United States and Canada, and I sent out packages to quite a few people this week!

Instant Holiday Stationery at #EZstart

The one thing that gets lost when you mail packages is the big puffy bows and bright paper, which is kind of a bummer!  But I had a chance to try out Duck Brand® EZ Start Printed Packaging Tape and it sure brightened up my little packages!  Instead of nirmal packaging tape, I swapped out for something more festive – it announces at a glance, "I'm a Christmas present!" It's a lot more fun!

Instant Holiday Stationery at #EZstart

EZ Start Printed Packaging Tape comes in two holiday designs (peppermint and ornaments) and two everyday designs (daisy and paisley).  True to its name, it starts easy – you can whip out a length of tape for your package with no trouble at all!

Instant Holiday Stationery at #EZstart

It's fun to add a bit of cheer to the outside of a package, but it's also great to create a quick matched set.  If you have a plain sheet of scrapbook paper, you can whip up a quick matching card, too!  Just run a length of tape lengthwise, and fold your card in half.  

Instant Holiday Stationery at #EZstart

It's perfect for tucking a quick note into your package, and it doesn't scream "I totally forgot to buy you a card", haha.

Instant Holiday Stationery at #EZstart

It literally only took me one minute to add the extra holiday touches to my packages with a bit of EZ Start Printed Packaging Tape.  (And you're buying packaging tape for your shipments anyway – you might as well get the fun stuff, right?)

You can follow @TheDuckBrand on Twitter, and be sure to pin your favorite #EZstart projects!  What do you do to dress up the packages you ship?

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    I used Duct Tape for a gift I just sent out too! I LOVE all the different patterns they have! They make the package to SO festive, while still being functional. :)

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