Knotted Hemp Bracelet

Good morning!  Well, I told you yesterday – I got into the hemp and the turquoise over the weekend and just never left, haha.  So while today’s design is different you will certainly notice some similar elements to yesterday’s 10-minute Hemp Bracelet.  Although to be fair… I am sure you can *always* notice similar elements in my designs.  Hey – I like what I like! ;)

Knotted Hemp Bracelet at

This is another great beginner’s bracelet.  It makes up quickly and supplies are reasonable.  And because some of these are kind of specialty pieces, I’m going to link to them here in case you are looking for the exact beads and findings I used, but I do want to let you know – these are NOT affiliate links and I don’t get anything if you decide to place an order – I’m just anticipating the “where did you find that?” question that you guys love to ask! ;)

What you will need:

  • (Optional) A focal bead.  This is the pewter connector in the middle.  A shell would also be lovely here – or you can also go without and just knot the whole thing.  I just wanted to add something more than the glass and bone beads.
  • 36-lb hemp.  I’ve mentioned before, I LOVE this variety pack of hemp with all different thicknesses.  You need about 48″ for this project.
  • Beads you love with large holes.  I used a blend of glass crow beads and bone beads.
  • Glue-on end caps and jewelry glue.
  • Scissors.

Knotted Hemp Bracelet at

First, cut your hemp to 4 pieces of about 12 inches each.  If you are using a connector for your center focal piece like I am, you will want to make a pair of lark’s head knots to get your piece started.  For this simple knot, take 2 of your strands, find the centers, and double them up.

Knotted Hemp Bracelet at

Feed the loop through one of the connector holes, and then thread the tail ends through the loop you just made.  Pull it tight.  Repeat this on the other side.

Now, add your beads.  There is no right or wrong way to do this.

Knotted Hemp Bracelet at

What I did was thread bead onto either one or two strands of hemp.  Then, I made an overhand knot to secure it. depending on the size of your beads, the thickness of your hemp, and what you like the looks of, your spacing will vary.  You generally want about 2-1/2 – 3 inches of beaded length, though – your focal piece and your end caps will take up some length on your bracelet too.  You are aiming for a total length of approximately 6-1/2 to 7 1/2 inches – depending on whether you have large or small wrists.  (A good rule for gifts is a 7 inch bracelet.)

Once you have a look you like, glue on the end caps.  Just cut your “tails” to fit the length of the cap, add some jewelry glue (I love Aleene’s, but any brand that say it’s good on metal will work fine) and then just pop the cap on the end.

Knotted Hemp Bracelet at

Add a clasp (this particular set of end caps comes with an “S” hook clasp, though any style clasp is fine) and you’re ready to wear it!

Knotted Hemp Bracelet at


What are some of your favorite summer styles right now?



  1. Crystal says

    You are so talented!!! I love all your jewelryl!! This is so beautiful! Thanks for the great tutorial!!

  2. Deborah McLaughlin says

    I absolutely love this and have just purchased some hemp in aqua colours…so gonna give it a whirl!! Thanks for a fab tutorial!!

  3. vivian says

    so love this and i got some hemp to try it….i do have a little question.
    i have some E6000 glue do you think that is good enough to hold….I am always leery of it being strong enough to hold the string in…i am such a klutz sometimes and get my bracelet caught alot.

  4. Yvonne says

    Very cute. I pinned it to try later. I was thinking I could try it in Christmas colors. Your colors are great but I know I will never get to it this summer.

  5. Becky says

    I love the aqua,hemp and bone bracelet, but I’m confused. I like it so much I pinned it to Pinterest because I saw their logo at top of your page and the pic had your web site on it. Then I scrolled near bottom and read
    your copyright policy. Was I wrong to pin it? If so, why the logos on your site? I put you on my favorites even though I may be senile. lol

  6. says

    I\’m in need of some help. I’ve made a lot of bracelets using hemp and have used E6000 to attach some metal clasps to the hemp. This time got a bit messy and you can see the goopy glue semi-dried on the hemp. I’ve tried picking it off using jewelry tweezers, but haven’t been very successful. The bottle of E6000 says uncured glue can be removed using acetone or citrus-based solvents, and cured can only be cut off. Do you have any suggestions for removing the glue using something that won”t eat through the hemp?
    Thanks in advance for any tips.(I have a pic of the oops’, but can’t figure out how to share it on here.)

    • says

      Once E6000 is on, it’s on when you’re working with fibers. I don’t personally like using it for jewelry because the applicator is so large, which makes it tough for small pieces. Since sharing this I’ve actually stared using Super New Glue which applies as liquid and bonds almost instantly – it’s really inexpensive (at less than $2 a bottle) and does the best job of any glues I’ve tried for bonding metal to leather, hemp, or other fibers.


  7. Katherine Gullett says

    this looks like something I could do, even though my eyes aren’t seeing as well as they use to. I’m going to try this and thank you for such clear instructions.

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