Multi-Strand Statement Necklace

Good morning!  I made up a fun statement necklace with multiple strands that I wanted to share with you today!  I love the mixed media look with chain and beads.  I’m going to classify this one as an intermediate project – if you enjoy beading you will find it to be easy, but finishing some of the details to make it look more professional requires a couple techniques that I will show you how to do.  I’ll also give you some tips to make it beginner-friendly though!

Multi-Strand Beaded Statement Necklace at

What you will need:

Multi-Strand Beaded Statement Necklace at

  • Beads you love!  Choose more than one size (or color!) for variety.
  • 18 inches of chain, and a clasp
  • 20-gauge wire
  • End cones (these have a 10mm opening)
  • Beading Wire
  • Wire guards and 2mm crimp beads
  • Wire cutters
  • Round-nosed pliers
  • Jump Rings

First, you’ll need to make your connectors that you will attach your bead strands to.  I like to make a closed loop to ensure I don’t lose anything through an open jump ring later.  This will be covered by an end cone for a finished look – but if you are beginner, you can skip the end cones.  You won’t need your own connectors – you can attach your bead strands directly to the chain!


Multi-Strand Beaded Statement Necklace at

To make a closed loop, cut about a 4 inch length of wire, and wrap one end of your wire around your round-nosed pliers.  Take the short end, and wrap it around the long end.  This will secure your loop.  After 2-3 wraps, you can nip off any excess.

Now, attach your wire so that you can add beads!

Multi-Strand Beaded Statement Necklace at

Adding a wire guard helps your jewelry to last longer.  Beginners may skip this step if you find it difficult, but over time, bead wire is likely to fray.  Just feed your wire through a crimp bead and one end of the wire guard.  hook the wire guard onto the loop of your connector (or directly to the chain), and feed the other end through the second hole in the guard.  Now, just pass the wire back through the crimp bead, and use your pliers to crimp it tight.

Now – add your beads to the wire, and crimp the other end to your other connector.

Vary the length of your bead strands and chain so that they are slightly staggered – otherwise you wont be able to clearly see all three strands.  I cut a length of chain and connected it with a jump ring.  When the beaded bib part is dine and it’s all connected, it’s time to add your end cones (if you plan to)!

Multi-Strand Beaded Statement Necklace at

Slide the cone on to cover the loop on your connector.  I like to add the chain directly onto the loop to really secure it, but if you find this difficult, you can close the loop first and then add it to the chain with a jump ring.  Just close your loop the way you did in the first step, by wrapping it over your round pliers and then wrapping the excess around the base of the loop you just made.  Cut off any excess.

Multi-Strand Beaded Statement Necklace at

Now, just add your chain!  I made my finished necklace 18 inches.  That meant that I added two equal lengths of chain to the connectors, and a clasp to be able to close it.

Multi-Strand Beaded Statement Necklace at

Now, I have a fun, chunky statement piece!  Perfect for adding some color to an outfit – and I’m proud to gift it, knowing it will hold up for the long-term.

Multi-Strand Beaded Statement Necklace at

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    Wow, this is fantastic quality DIY idea. This beautiful necklace you made by yourself…I think, that all jewelry shops will close in future if everyone can make the same! :-) No, I’m seriously…

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