Paper Treat Box

I have a quick little paper craft for you today – an easily cut and folded treat pouch that’s the perfect size for lunch boxes, or to sneak onto a favorite co-worker’s desk.

You may have seen this already when I shared it at 4 You With Love for Marilyn’s blog-o-versary last week.  But in case you didn’t get the chance to grab the template – I’ll share it here for you today!

What you will need:

  • 8.5″x11″ cardstock or paper
  • Scissors
  • Template (you can either cut out a master template and trace it, or print this template and cut it out)
  • Tape or glue
  • Utility knife (optional, just makes cutting slits easier)
  • Ribbon closure (optional, just makes it pretty)
  • Small treat to go inside
First of all, you can download the template here:

You can save a step by printing it directly on your paper, or you can cut out a master template and trace out however many you need with a light pencil to avoid ink lines.

Once you have your pattern cut, cut slits for the closure.  A utility knife will make this job much easier, but if you don’t have one handy – small scissors will also do the job.

Fold the bottom flaps up, and the triangular flaps down.

Then, fold vertically along each section of the box.

When you get to the end tab, add a couple dots of glue, or a piece of tape to the inside of the box.

Now, fold the shorter side flaps inward.

Then, fold the U-shaped tab on top of the side flaps.

Now, insert the tab on the last flap into the slot from the U-shaped tab.  You should now have a secure bottom to your pouch.

Add a little treat inside, then loop the triangular flaps over the tabs at the top of your pouch.

Yes, mine is empty.  I’ve been very, very good about not buying any Halloween candy yet. ;)

At this point, I decided it needed a little something more, so I used my utility knife to cut two slits in the top tab to run a ribbon through.  A hole punch would probably work even better, but I didn’t have one handy.  I didn’t include this on the template because it’s not necessary to be functional – it’s just for looks and totally optional.  A cute little tag or label would also make a nice touch!

Who are you going to leave a little treat for?

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  1. Bingo Buttercup Crafts says

    I'm so excited that you posted this! I've been needing a good template for creating my own paper craft containers. This is so versatile! So nice of you to share.


  2. Terri says

    Great project! Especially for the Holidays! I can see useing these for Halloween treat boxes, Thanksgiving Kid treat boxes, and of course, Yule treats and ornaments…..oh my! Thanks for this great gift! I'm off to try it! :)

  3. Me and My DIY says

    This is just adorable! I'm going to see if I can't import the graphic into my Silhouette software and just cut it straight from there. Can't wait to leave one of these somewhere for someone to find it. What a treat! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Erin says

    I love the color you chose for the box. I'm loving orange right now! Thanks for the free template. I'm pinning. :-)

  5. Stone Cottage Adventures says

    Super – duper cute!! I love hand made boxes! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  6. Jessi says

    Wow, those are awesome! Thank you so much for sharing the template, I love it. Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!

  7. Jill says

    Such a cute way to wrap a treat! Love it!! Thanks for sharing at Thursday's Temptation. Your link got the most views so I am featuring you on my blog tonight at the link party!

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