Riveted Flower Ring

Good morning!  I’ve missed you guys.  I’ve missed writing lately!  I’ve been crafting and creating, I’m just not getting much computer time to be able to share.  I had a LOT of fun with today’s project, though I’m going to warn you it’s heavy on the specialty tools.  I’ve been branching out and trying some new things – which I always enjoy!  Today I’m punching holes, dapping, using hammers and rivets to make a springy floral right-hand ring.

Riveted Flower Ring at www.happyhourprojects.com

Some of these things are optional, if you’re still investing in supplies, and I got mine from all over the place a little at a time.  If I have a link to the product, I’ll link to it below in the supply list to help you, though I don’t make any sort of commission if you make a purchase, it’s just for your convenience to find these supplies (because I always get emails asking!!)

What you will need for riveting and ring-making:

Riveted Flower Ring at www.happyhourprojects.com

Now, that all seems like a lot, but if you work in metal stamping or hammered wire jewelry, chances are, you already have a lot of these items in your tool bin.  If not – they are the basics.  So if you’re interested, these are all items you will use often if you’re working in wire and metal.

First, I using my chasing hammer, and hammered the edges of my ring blank.  It just gives it a more finished look.  You can hammer the whole thing, if you prefer – you can do all-over texturing with your chasing hammer or with any specialty texturing hammer.  Play with it and see what you like!

Riveted Flower Ring at www.happyhourprojects.com
Next, I popped a hole in both my ring blank, and my flower.  I cover it with masking tape and mark off exactly where I want to punch with my screw-down punch.  The masking tape helps protect it from scratches – which is easy to do on aluminum.

Riveted Flower Ring at www.happyhourprojects.com

Next, I domed my flower blank to help it to stand out from the rest of the ring.  This is an optional step but dapping will give it a much more finished look.

Riveted Flower Ring at www.happyhourprojects.com

Then, I used my anvil and nylon hammer to shape my ring.  Just hold it over the rounded end, and tap it until you get the round shape you want.  Check it periodically against your ring sizer.

Riveted Flower Ring at www.happyhourprojects.com

When you have the shape and size you like, it’s time to set your rivet and attach the flower to the ring blank.  Just put the crystal part of the rivet through the front of the ring, and then snap the back on.  This will hold it together loosely so that you can work.  You will need to use the domed end of the rivet setting tool and position it over the rivet cap, with the crystal rivet facing down on your rubber bench block.  One firm tap with your hammer to the end of the rivet setter will snap your rivet together permanently.

Riveted Flower Ring at www.happyhourprojects.com

And that’s it – you’ve got your ring!

Riveted Flower Ring at www.happyhourprojects.com

I really enjoyed shaping and hammering metal on this project (and you know what that means – yes, you’re likely to see more from me in the future, haha).  There is just something about using tools to change pieces and turn flat metal into something like a ring!

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