Simple Chandelier Earrings

Well, today is the day; I am back to work.  Boo!  So I am hoping to keep sharing some great projects with you, because I can’t tell you how much I LOVE sitting down to craft, but if I thought things were busy before with a newborn – well, they are about to get a bit busier.  With luck, I’ll find some time to keep doing what I love and sharing it with you – but if I have to take a few weeks off… well, that’s where I am!

Anyway, to today’s project!  For my first day back, I confess, I’m still feeling a bit self-conscious about the post-baby body.  I don’t think anyone will notice the way I do, but the pants are still on the snug side, and that is hard to feel really good about. :P So to detract from all of that, I thought some fabulous new earrings might be in order to make me feel a little more sassy and stylish.

Simple Chandelier Earring Tutorial at

These chandelier earrings are simple to make and lightweight to wear.  (Jump keep ’em away from those tiny fists.)

What you will need:

Simple Chandelier Earring Tutorial at

  • Beads you love.  These are a 6mm sized bicone crystal bead.  You can certainly vary the look with other shapes, sizes, and colors.
  • 22 gauge wire – you only need about 6 inches for this project.  You could also use two 3-inch jewelry head pins with a ring at the bottom.
  • 18-inch chain – this could be from a necklace (just remove the clasp) or it can be bulk chain.
  • Jump rings and earring wires (I needed six 4mm jump rings for these)
  • Round-nosed pliers and wire cutters

First, make your bead bar from your wire (unless you are using head pins).  Using the tip of your round-nosed pliers, form a small loop at the end of your wire.

Simple Chandelier Earring Tutorial at


Add your beads and make a loop at the opposite end.  You may need to trim your wire (or pin) down slightly, depending on what size beads you’re using.  Make two bars, one for each earring.

Simple Chandelier Earring Tutorial at


Now, trim down your chain.  I cut four lengths 2 3/4 inches, and two that were 3 1/2 inches.

Simple Chandelier Earring Tutorial at

Now, using a small jump ring, add 2 smaller lengths and one longer length chain to the end of one bead bar.  Then, attach the opposite ends to the other loop on the bead bar.  Your configuration should look like this:

Simple Chandelier Earring Tutorial at

Finally, add an earring wire to the center of each of the top chains.  My earring wire loop wouldn’t quite fit through the small chain I used, so I attached it with a jump ring.  If your earring wire fits easily through your chain, a jump ring isn’t necessary.

Simple Chandelier Earring Tutorial at


Now they are ready for wear!  I hope your week is off to a great start; wish me luck at my first day back at work! ;)




  1. says

    Adrianne! These are so elegant! Gorgeous! You always make it look so easy. Have a great first day back!

    ~Abby =)

  2. Kirsten says

    Adrianne, these are so pretty! I’m sure you LOOK a lot better than you may be feeling, too. I hope your first day back to work goes smoothly, and emotionally you get through it OK. I know how much you were dreading this day. :(

  3. says

    These are beautiful, I really love the color of the pink! I can’t believe you are already back at work– time goes by so very fast! Good luck in the coming weeks.

  4. Khurshid says

    The earrings are beautiful and elegant. Thanks for the simple to make earrings tutorial.. Happy motherhood, it’s a wonderful experience.

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