Spider Hair Bow (and Giveaway news!)

A quick shout-out for Amie at Pinkapotamus – she just reached 500 followers!  Yay!  To help her celebrate, I am hosting a giveaway at her blog today.  Take a little visit and enter to win a $20 credit toward a custom piece of jewelry from my Etsy shop!  Winners will be announced on November 4, so stop by anytime before that!  She has some other fabulous giveaways going on too – check them all out this week and next!

Now on to the fun stuff (okay, the other fun stuff)!  To match Raya’s spider shirt I made, I thought maybe she needed a little hair bow to go along with it.

Spider Hair Bow


  • Alligator Clip
  • Black Felt
  • Black Ribbon
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Google Eyes
  • Optional – candle for melting the ribbon edges

This is a really quick project – about 15 minutes from start to clean-up.  

Cut two felt circles, and cover your alligator clip with ribbon.

Melt the very edges of your ribbons so that they won’t unravel.  If you don’t have or don’t want to use an open flame, you can fold your ribbon in half and just tuck the raw edges inside.

Now, hot glue them onto one of your circles.  Messy is OK – they will be covered up soon.

Glue your other circle onto your alligator clip.

Now, sandwich your two circles together with the ribbons and top of the alligator clip inside, and then stick them together with a generous dose of hot glue.  

I didn’t mind that the clip was showing on the bum-side, but you could certainly hide it under a leg.  Or make the spider body large enough to cover the whole clip, it’s up to you! 

Then, just add some eyes:

And attach it to a headbead, or just clip it into hair for older girls, and you’re ready to roll!

Have the baby humor you, even though she is still in her jammies and munching on some puffs.

Admire how cute she is.  Okay, I fully admit – I’m biased on that point. :)  But she is ready for Halloween!

Happy Halloween ~ Adrianne

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  1. LeAnne says

    You could put ANYTHING in that baby's hair and she would be as cute as a button! But the spider clip IS adorable!

  2. Danielle says

    So precious. I love the clip and your sweet girl is adorable. Thanks for linking up lady:)

  3. Jenny says

    That face! I want to smooch those cheeks! Adorable headband too! Thanks for linking it up!

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