DIY Star Wars Glass Necklace

Hey friends!  I’ve got a great DIY for the Star Wars geeks out there – but of course, if you’re not a Star Wars fan (wait, is there such a thing?) then you can easily customize this project with your favorite book clipping, photo, image, or paper.  You just need a bit of Mod Podge, a clipping of interesting paper, and some glue to make a great fan girl necklace.

DIY Star Wars Glass Cabochon Necklace at

Always pass on what you have learned. – Yoda

I’m sharing this fun tutorial over at the Blitsy blog today.  If you aren’t familiar with Blitsy, you should be!  It’s an online retailer of discount craft supplies, with flash sale events and everyday deals on the staples you need to stock your craft room.  I had the opportunity last weekend to visit them in-person for a tour, and to put some faces with names now that I’ve joined the Blitsy design team!

You can shop Blitsy anytime to save (on everything you’re buying anyway), or stop over for great inspiration at their creative blog!  You can catch the tutorial for my DIY Star Wars glass necklace, and shop for any supplies you may still need while you’re there.  Come say hi!

See you guys again soon,

Adrianne Surian

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