Tangerine Chandelier Earrings

It hardly seems fair to call this one a “tutorial”, because it’s SO easy, and fairly self-explanatory.  But now that spring is (nearly) here, I have been itching to add some color to my wardrobe.  And because shopping isn’t easy when you feel gigantic, I settle for adding some color to my accessories instead.  I spotted some tangerine disc beads not too long ago, and I knew they would make gorgeous chandelier earrings.

Chandelier Earrings

And speaking of feeling gigantic – this is what I’m talking about.  In all my tired glory at 24 weeks pregnant as I write this post up.  In my jammies.  Because it’s good to keep it real sometimes, yes?

24 weeks

Okay, back to jewelry, though.

You only need a few things to make up chandelier earrings:

Chandelier Earrings

  • Beads you love – and disc beads like these work beautifully.  And these tangerine Czech beads are on sale at Consumer Crafts this month, which is why I snapped up a strand.
  • Chandelier earring bases and earring wires
  • Small jump rings (these are 3mm) and a pair of jewelry pliers

Your chandelier bases will dictate how many beads you need – I only used 16 (leaving me a lovely stash for future projects).  You will need as many jump rings.

All you have to do is open your jump rings, add a bead, and attach them to the loops on your bases.  Easy peasy.

Chandelier Earrings

When you’re done, just attach an earring wire to each base.  You can whip these up in about 10 minutes.

Chandelier Earrings

It was more difficult trying to get a proper photo while is was raining buckets outside than actually making these beauties.

Chandelier Earrings

(You’re looking for the raindrops, aren’t you?  They are in there.  Hah.)

In case you are wondering why I’ve been sharing so many *fabulous jewelry projects* lately… (yes, I’m headed off-topic again, it’s just that kid of day today) we are in the process of showing our house.  Now, I already didn’t have a craft room like some of you lucky readers, but I had to pack up yet more of my craft supplies to get it down to a manageable space, that didn’t give the impression of “crazy craft lady” to prospective buyers.  So now – THIS is in the corner of my bedroom, where it can be casually hidden behind an open door.

craft shelf

Did you also notice the laptop up there?  Yes, I lost my “office space” too!  As you can see, I only have room to store supplies for small-scale crafting.  Which suits me fine, because I love consoling myself with new jewelry.

I will wrap up this rambling post now, and thank you for sticking with me through the whole thing today. ;) It’s been one of those days for me.  Hope you’re all gearing up for a wonderful weekend – see you for the link party tonight!



  1. Monsterscircus says

    So lovely earrings, and the disc beads is wonderful. Wow so beautiful you look, you’ve got that special sparkle that all pregnant womens have :-) oh I can really see that it needs some organization, I could have kept that order, it would have looked like a kindergarden :-) have a lovely weekend, and take care, bigs hugs Mette

  2. kateri says

    I make and sell jewelry and I would buy these in a heartbeat. I love the color red. It just pops, which you look like you’re going to do :) Have a great and restful weekend.

  3. Kirsten says

    You are so gorgeous! I can’t imagine being that far along in your pregnancy AND trying to sell your house, then move! Wow. The earrings look great, too! I love all your jewelry :)

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