Ten-Minute Knotted Ankle Bracelet

I have another quick jewelry project for you this morning.  This is a variation on a popular style going around right now, but if you read here often, you know I’m ALL about simplifying.  Making designs easier, faster, and less expensive to make.  Today’s project is all of those – it’s a perfect summer ankle bracelet!

My friend Maureen and I were discussing a suede bracelet using this same technique over at My Own Road over the weekend.  I had to check out Jen’s post on her recommendation, and found that it’s really cute, really simple – and very much like the gorgeous Jute and Pearl bracelet that Terry from These Peas Taste Funny made for me last fall.  Both are totally different looks using this same basic method – different types of beads, different types of cords.  So what I’m showing you today is certainly nothing I invented, I’m just showing you an alternative that you can make for different twist.  Be sure to check out the other versions I’ve linked to above and see for yourself what difference it makes to vary your beads and cord!

Of course, for mine, I got out my supply of hemp twine and a few seed beads.  I think I’m just trying to prove to you all just how far one package of hemp can go, and all of the different designs you can make with it!  That’s right – I am still working on using up the $5.99 assortment of pastel hemp I found at Michael’s in the spring.  I’m nowhere near out yet, even after all of the woven bracelets I’ve made – so if you decide to buy some, rest assured that it goes a long way!  I will just have to keep coming up with more ideas, LOL.  But I am sharing a few of my other tutorials below, in case you didn’t catch them the first time around.  They are, of course, all in the same color scheme coming from the same package. :P

(Just click the thumbnail to get to the tutorial.)

This particular hemp from Michael’s is a very fine cord, size-wise.  It doesn’t say what size it is, I’d say it’s 1mm or smaller, though.  I was able to use the little seed beads for this, but test them out before you haul everything out.  You may need to use the next size bigger beads if you’re using a different brand than the Bead Landing brand, because hemp comes in lots of sizes.

For an ankle-length, I cut three 18″ strands in three different colors.  I raided my bead stash and found seed beads in the same colors.  For a bracelet length, you could get away with 15-16″ cords instead.

Measure down about 3″ from the ends, and tie an overhand knot.  Because I am not bothering to attach a clasp (this will just tie on, like a friendship bracelet), I need enough length to make tying it on easy.  If you would rather attach a clasp – feel free.  The other tutorials I mentioned above were for bracelets, and they included a button closure so it was removable.

Now, just thread a few beads onto each strand.  I tried to mix mine up – I used anywhere from 1-3 beads on each strand in varying colors.  The clear ones don’t show well in the photograph, but they do give it a little bit of shine. :)

Then, I spaced down about an inch, and tied another overhand knot.

This keeps the beads on this section of the bracelet.  Then, I did the same thing, knotting it off every inch or so.  Once I had a length of 9″, I stopped.  (A good length for an ankle bracelet is generally between 9″-10″.)  If you have any trouble with the beads not quite wanting to fit on, or if your end of your hemp starts getting frayed, you can trim it down – just trim as little as possible.  You don’t want to take more than about 1″ total off the ends if you can help it.

Once you get to the last knot, you should have about 3″ left for your “tails”.  This is why we started with twice as much length as you need for the bracelet portion – you have to account for losing some length each time you tie a knot, trimming your ends if they start to fray, and the tails for tying.

The only thing left to do was, of course, to tie it on. :) I love this one!

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  1. Terry says

    I love this one too. So summery and sweet. I love anklets too, but never wear them. Now I have the perfect excuse – to give your tut a try. (and thanks for the shoutout)

  2. Morena Hockley says

    Very pretty! I bought some hemp cord at Marshalls so I can finally make ome of your bracelets. I can't wait to try this one!

  3. Jen says

    This turned out really cute! I'll be posting a link to your project on my FB page so people can come check it out!

  4. Maureen Hayes says

    I am honored to be your friend! I still need help learning to tie knots, especially the overhand knot! This is a beautiful anklet, I wanna make one, or buy he from you! :-)

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