Toddler Art Valentines

We are full-swing into handmade Valentines this year, and I am loving it!  Raya even made one for Grandma yesterday that is too cute not to share.  If you have kiddos who are just becoming artists, you will love this idea!

Toddler Art valentines

Many thanks to Meredith at Wait Til Your Father Gets Home for originally sharing the idea as birthday thank you notes from her son.  As soon as I saw her post, I knew I had to adapt these to valentines.  They are super simple to make up.

I did want to print them instead of hand-lettering them.  Each sheet of cardstock makes up two cards, I just opened up Word and visually divided the page into quarters.  If you want a vertical card, just type in your message based on the diagram below.  I wanted mine to be horizontal so I rotated my text 90 degrees to the left.

Simple Sewn Handmade Valentines


Then, cut the two cards apart, fold them, and use a scrapbook punch to punch your hearts wherever you like.

Toddler Art Valentines

Then, I just opened it up, and let Raya color on the inside.  I confess, I only gave her crayons in reds and purples so it would look more Valentine-ish, but really, do whatever your child would like to do!

Toddler Art Valentines

Art is hard work, I guess – we had to take a break and have some lunch. ;)

We will be mailing this off to Grandma in the next few days.  I love this idea for lot of reasons – not only did Raya really help with her handmade Valentine, but a lot of people save greeting cards, so this is a fun idea for close family members to keep a little piece of when your kids are little.

Are your kids making their own Valentines this year?  What kinds of fun Valentine ideas have you found?



  1. Mary says

    Seriously cute. Tucking this one away for next V-day, little miss can’t quite hold a marker yet ;-)

  2. Marilyn says

    Adrianne, this post always brings a smile to my face! It’s a great way to get your child involved in the Valentine creation process! I’m so glad you shared this at Loving Valentines Day!


  3. says

    I love that this is styled around a toddler’s creativity. So sweet to see their art develop from scribbles, to circles, to circles within circles…to actual recognizable objects. Great valentine keepsake idea. Lynaea @

  4. Lorraine says

    My but you’re creative – and gifted with finding simple projects that seem to be perfect. “Pinning” many for the winter. Thanks

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