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I have an art project for you today that’s suitable for kids of every age, but especially your little ones!  Raya made some nursery art (with some prep from me, but surprisingly minimal assistance).  This is something I shared over at The Classroom Creative, which is an AWESOME resource for teaching and learning at every age.

I was inspired after seeing Nancy’s watercolor post over at at Small Things With Love.  She did hers a bit differently and used different kinds of paint, but it’s the same basic concept.  I can also see why she had her toddler paint so many… Raya absolutely LOVED this project and wanted to keep going!

What you’ll need:

Paper – any size for your project is fine!
Adhesive craft vinyl
Age-appropriate paint and optional brushes, sponges, or stamps
A damp paper towel

I used my Cameo to cut the elephant and Raya’s name, but you don’t need a machine for this project.  You can use scrapbook punches or even sketch or trace a design onto the paper side of your vinyl, and cut it out with scissors or a utility knife.  If you are tracing out letters, be sure to reverse them – they need to be backward since you’re tracing onto the back side of your vinyl.

I cut my white vinyl and stuck it onto a piece of white paper.  You don’t have to use white – any color will work, I just liked the color combination.

Then, I just let Miss Raya do her thing. Now, a famous quirk of my daughter’s is that she hates to get messy.  She won’t touch fingerpaints!  So since I was giving her a brush and supervising – and I was confident she wouldn’t try to eat the paint or anything – I let her use acrylic paints.  Just keep in mind that might not be appropriate for all kids.  You know your kids best!

When her paper was done, I let it dry a little first.  Not totally, just enough that it wasn’t dripping wet anymore.

Then, I took a damp paper towel and gently wiped away the paint from the vinyl areas.

And now, I have a piece of nursery art that actually resembles something, but my kiddo still painted it all by herself. :)

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  1. noire says

    Hello Adriane! Found your blog at the Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop, what a lovely blog you have, liked it a lot so I'm following! ^^ Hope you can drop by mine too and pay me a visit : )
    What a great idea, loved how it turned out xx
    N O I R E D A M E

  2. ramsaygrace says

    LOVE this cute idea! My four year old is always asking to paint and I tend to shy away from it, mainly due to the mess. We will for sure be doing this one though! Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. Barbara says

    She is SOOO cute Adrianne!! I love this project too, going to have Chase try it! Thanks for linking up at the CSI Project Kids!
    Barbara at Chase the Star

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