A Crafter’s Staple: Sharpie® Markers!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sharpie®. All opinions are 100% mine.

So, I have to ask – are you a Sharpie® addict too?  I use them for tons of craft projects – from the construction to the finished product.  And I just found out that Sharpie® just rolled out some new metallic colors just in time for Christmas crafts!


I use Sharpie® markers with my metal stamping, to darken letters when liver of sulfur isn't practical.  If you haven't read my tips for metal stamping for beginners, I recommend in that tutorial that every stamper has at least one Sharpie® in their tool box.

I also recommend them for projects like my polymer clay gift tags – you can stamp and decorate lots of fun and colorful  tags with inexpensive polymer clay, and use a fine-tipped Sharpie® to address your package to add a fun and personal touch!

I love using Sharpie® markers to trace out my patterns on plastic, too – when I know I want a permanent template. (And who could burn a CD without a sharpie for the label, right?)

If you want a variety, Sharpie® markers come in a convenient 12-pack so you can try all your favorite colors.  They are great stocking stuffers!


If you're out browsing Pinterest for crafty Christmas ideas – be sure to follow Sharpie®'s "Holiday Happenings" board for all kinds of inspiration to personalize gifts and to decorate your home!  Sharpie® markers are also great for greeting cards, placecards, ornaments and more!

What do you use your Sharpie® markers for?  What's your favorite?

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  1. says

    I have two of the 12 set packs in my studio. I cannot be without a specific color… that would just be tragic. xoxo

  2. says

    I use Sharpies all the time too!! I used them to color a wooden Turkey for Thanksgiving, they always work great! I’ll have to check them out for more ideas.:)

  3. jenny at dapperhouse says

    Sharpies are a brand that cannot be duplicated! I have always wanted to get the multi pack of colors…maybe I will get it for myself for Christmas this year for all the crafts I want to do.

  4. Kathy (Kangaroo Mama) says

    I looove sharpies too, I have them in every size tip and color and can’t live without them!

  5. says

    umm yes also addicted to sharpies here too and it’s not just the ink smell that I’m addicted too. ;) I am so tempted when I see the new colors and the big packs! The fuschia pink is my favorite one though!

  6. Maribel Reyes says

    At our home we love sharpies, funny story is that our daughter’s Christmas list includes Sharpies! We use them to ID school items, lunches, organizing tabs, gift tags and more! :D

  7. JAMES R. says

    2 things:
    first, I strongly believe, that there are sharpies, and then there is everything else…nothing beats a sharpie…NOTHING.

    Second, How do you make them stamped metal tags(like the ones shown above)??

    Do you buy the metal at a craft shop? local other place?
    and the words that are stamped in the metal…how is that done??

    I have nothing to do here & am bored to death, so I am very interested in crafting gifts for others….

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