Bronze Memory Wire Bracelet

After I made yesterday’s all-green bracelet with memory wire, I liked it so well I had another idea.  I wondered what it would look like with really small monochromatic beads, and I wanted to give it a little more flair.  So I used these gorgeous bronze bicone glass beads.  And I am NOT giving this one away.  I love it!! ; )

Easy Bronze Memory Wire Bracelet

What you will need:

Easy Bronze Memory Wire Bracelet

  • Beads you love.  These are glass bicone beads.  The package didn’t say, but they look like 4mm to me.  I did use 2 packages for this bracelet, and each package had 128 pcs. (so if you are ordering by count, you want about 250).
  • Memory wire – a package should run around $4, but it will make up several bracelets.  I have used about half a package on 4 bracelets so far.
  • Optional charm(s) and jump ring to attach them
  • Wire cutters (the ones from your toolbox work fine, don’t buy specialty jewelry wire cutters if you don’t already own them)
  • Pliers – round-nosed work best, but if you don’t already have some, any small pliers will work just fine

Be careful when you unstring your beads – you may want to empty them into  a dish.  (Even when I’m careful, I usually manage to lose at least one.) : P

I normally work right off the coil of memory wire because you don’t always know how far your beads will go.  You can cut off a few coils (maybe 7 or 8?) but I hate doing that because quite often there’s a coil or two that I have to trim off at the end that’s too small to use on another project, so it gets wasted.

Anyway – I’m repeating myself from yesterday’s tutorial, but in case this is the first one you are seeing, it’s worth telling you again.  This is a super easy bracelet to make!  Begin by taking the end of the wire in your pliers and making a small loop.  This is so your beads won’t fall off the end. : ) Memory wire can be really difficult to bend – you’ll have to really muscle it.  But that is a good thing – it’s how it retains its shape for the bracelet.

Easy Bronze Memory Wire Bracelet

Then, just string them.  Well, technically it’s wire.  You know what I mean – add them on to the open end of your coil.  As you work, slide your beads down to the looped end of your wire.

When all your beads are added (or you feel like there are enough loops to your bracelet – 5-6 loops are a good number for this size bead), you’re ready to finish off the end.  Let me make a suggestion here: do NOT just cut off the end of your wire without first bending it, at least a little for a loop just like we made in the beginning.  Because memory wire is hardened, it can take a little oomph to cut.  Which means that when it snaps off, you run the risk of some beads going flying.  Making your loop first, BEFORE you cut the end off, helps keep your beads in place.  Also, make sure there aren’t any large gaps between your beads before finishing the end.

Easy Bronze Memory Wire Bracelet

Now, here’s where I stopped yesterday, and you already have a gorgeous bracelet, so you can be done now.  But I really wanted something extra, and wanted to add a charm.  You can use something you already have (or picked out especially to match your beads) – I decided to stamp a little tag.

Easy Bronze Memory Wire Bracelet

I thought “shine” would be a fun word.  (If you want any tips on stamping, I have a whole post on getting started with jewelry stamping.)

Then, I just used a jump ring to attach it to my bracelet!

Easy Bronze Memory Wire Bracelet

But… it STILL needed just a little something more.  So I raided my bead stash to make a beaded charm, too.  Beaded charms are simple, but if you haven’t made them before, let me show you how.  You just need a head pin, a bead or two, and a pair of pliers.

Easy Bronze Memory Wire Bracelet

Thread the beads onto the pin, and then, give the top of the pin a bend.

Easy Bronze Memory Wire Bracelet

Now, curve it over the top of your pliers to make a loop.  If you have excess, you can trim it off.

Easy Bronze Memory Wire Bracelet

I attached that to my bracelet as well, and I just LOVE how it turned out!  This will be a fun holiday bracelet, for when I want a little bit of sparkle and shine. ; )

Easy Bronze Memory Wire Bracelet

As always – feel free to ask questions if anything isn’t clear – I’m happy to help.  You can just comment below and I will email you back!



  1. says

    Ooooo I love it! Your right it’s perfect for Christmas, all shiny and sparkly. I really need to get me some memory wire! I just ordered a bunch of beads that would be perfect for this.:)

  2. says

    I have a whole bunch of bead stuff I haven’t gotten around to, but looks like I’ll be buying me some memory wire to play with soon!

  3. Sarah says

    I used to dabble in the making of beaded jewelry. Looking at your projects and tutorials makes me want to dust off my bead box! This one is gorgeous!

  4. linda Meyers-Gabbard says

    Ummmmmm….so what will it take to get you to make me one?????
    Do you know if those beads come in red. Love the bronze..

  5. Nancy Carr says

    I love this and the color and the tag that says “shine”. Great blog. Happy Holidays!

  6. diana says

    This is absolutely gorgeous. You just got me started in jewelry making. My daughters would love this for Christmas next year. Thank you so much for sharing. I signed up so can’t wait to see more of your work.

  7. Jocie says

    Hey Adrianne. I love this!!! I actually saw it first on craft gawker and was so impressed! Thanks again for including me last week in the special link party!

  8. marlene says

    Great TUT but never, never use jewelry cutters on memory wire. It will ruin your cutters.

  9. Prabha Ranatunga says

    This is a lovely bracelet. But the memory wires are not available in Sri Lankan fancy shop. Please advice where to buy.

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