DIY Twig Bangle

It has been raining and pouring around here, and I’ve been cleaning up our yard getting ready for spring.  I was picking up some twigs in the yard and it occurred to me that I could probably use some twigs to make up a very earthy little bangle like those popsicle stick bracelets I’ve seen a few places (including one of my favorite reads, Artsy Fartsy Mama).  The end result was kind of neat!

DIY Twig Bangle Bracelet Tutorial at

I can’t say it’s one of my favorite projects – in fact, to be honest, it was cooler in my head.  But it’s practically free, and it still turned out to be a fun little venture  even if I didn’t manage to wow myself – so I decided to share it today anyway.

I brought in a few wet twigs and implemented a few of Linsday’s suggestions.  Because they were already soaked (after several DAYS of rain) I was able to skip ahead a little.  You may need to soak your twigs for a few hours to make sure they are nice & pliable.  Do try to find twigs that have already fallen, rather than hacking up a healthy branch, if you can.

DIY Twig Bangle Bracelet Tutorial at

I nipped off the very ends of the budding branches because they aren’t strong enough to do much with, and cut off a larger splinter of branch it was attached to.  Then I fit my little twigs into a drinking glass.  They didn’t want to bend really easily, so I added some hot water and soaked them for another hour or two.

DIY Twig Bangle Bracelet Tutorial at

Then, just dump out the water, and leave them in the glass until they dry.  This will depend on how big of branches and twings you come across, but mine were pretty small so it only took about 2 days to fully dry.

When they are dry, you can remove them from the cup.  They should retain a round shape pretty well.  Mine did un-spring a little, but that’s all right because we are going to size them to the size we need.  All you need is a bit of 24 or 16 gauge wire.  If you’re not comfortable with wire-wrapping, you could also accomplish the same thing with a bit of embroidery floss.

DIY Twig Bangle Bracelet Tutorial at

I cut about a 4-5 inch length of wire, and wrapped my two twigs together.

DIY Twig Bangle Bracelet Tutorial at

Make sure you position the end at a strong point on your other twig.  My twigs were pretty small so I just have two layers, but yours might be long enough to do 3, which would also look cute!  You will want to bend (or un-bend) your twigs to create a round bangle that’s just gibe enough for your wrist (or your kids’ wrists – whatever the case may be).  It needs to be big enough to slide you hand in and out.

Find a few other key spots to wrap your twigs together – ideally it will be where they are naturally close together.  The more  layers you use, you will end up with will give you a sturdier bracelet.

DIY Twig Bangle Bracelet Tutorial at

You will end up with a really unique natural piece!  You can stack little bangles like this with other pieces, too.

DIY Twig Bangle Bracelet Tutorial at

What pieces of nature have you found other purposes for?



  1. says

    Seriously? You didn’t wow yourself? Well I am WOW’d – it turned out so pretty and really fun! I really love it Adrianne!

  2. says

    This is different, but I like it! I think, even though it’s twigs and not thorns, wearing it would be an awesome reminder of what Christ did on the cross. :)

  3. Kirsten says

    I think this is really cool! You could even add some beads to the wire before you wrap it or something. Love it!

  4. says

    I think that your twiggy bracelet is wonderful! I still chuckled out loud when you said, “Honestly, this was cooler in my head.”

    That happens to me WAY more than I care to admit. :)

  5. says

    It’s a great idea!! I can see my boys totally falling in love with this idea and if I added beads my girls too! I think yours turned out super cute.:)

  6. says

    This is SO cute! I have always wondered how to make one of these. Would have never thought to soak it in water to make it more pliable.

  7. Mary says

    My daughter had a real ‘wishing tree’ for her wedding and I plan to make a bracelet for her from several of the branches from that tree.

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