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Yep, that’s right, Duck Tape® BEADS!  You may have read earlier this year when I re-visited the classic craft, paper beads.  I made about a gazillion of them when I was a kid.  They are simple and inexpensive, but the drawback is… they can be a bit messy.  So when Duck Tape® sent me these adorable new smaller tapes, my first thought was, “these could definitely become jewelry”.  You know me, right?  If it can be turned into an accessory, I’m probably going to do it!  So with just scissors, straws, and ribbon, I whipped up this bracelet made from Duck Tape® beads in under an hour.

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Between the smaller-sized tapes and the new glitter colors, I had plenty of spring colors and sparkle to choose from.

How To Make Duck Tape Beads at

What you will need to make Duck Tape® beads:

  • Duck Tape®!  I loved the small sizes, but you can easily trim larger tapes down for this project.  The glitter tapes were full-sized tapes.
  • Scissors
  • Clear plastic drinking straws
  • You will also want a way to turn your beads into finished jewelry, so I used three 24″ lengths of ribbon.  You can make any kind of jewelry creation you like with your finished beads, though!

How To Make Duck Tape Beads at

For this project, I used pink and silver Ducklings, and hot pink and silver glitter Duck Tape®.  First, I’ll show you the process using the smaller tapes.

Cut a length of tape between 6-8 inches.  The longer you make it, the puffier your finished bead will be.  Experiment with sizes until you find your favorite look!

Then, cut it diagonally from corner to corner.  I stick them to the table while I work. :P

How To Make Duck Tape Beads at

Next, roll your beads.  Stick the large end of the triangle to the clear straw.  Then, roll it up, trying to keep your tape centered.  Duck Tape® will stretch a little so that makes it relatively easy!

How To Make Duck Tape Beads at

For wider tapes (like the glitter tapes), you will want to cut then in half (or even thirds) lengthwise, first.  Then cut them diagonally (as shown below.)  But you can keep on rolling until you have as many as you need for your project!  40 or so was plenty for me.

When you’ve rolled enough, just cut your straw between beads.

How To Make Duck Tape Beads at

Look how fabulous your beads are!  A quick note about the glitter beads – they stick great while you are working, but I found that with some wear on the bracelet, the little ends eventually popped up.  The glitter sticks great on the tape, but because it’s a porous surface, sticking more tape on top of it doesn’t hold as tough as the smooth tapes did, so you may want a tiny dot of glue to help secure it.  This photo is without any glue at all:

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You can see, everything it holding great.  If you’re planning a paper craft or home decor item that won’t be handled frequently, you’ll be pleased with the hold.  But for those of you who make accessories, you know that a bracelet withstands a fair amount of abuse even on a good day.  I will say, the smooth tapes were absolutely perfect.

Now, at this point, I turned mine into a simple ribbon bracelet.  I strung three strands onto 24″ ribbons.  I used about 7.25 inches of beads.  A quarter inch give or take isn’t a big deal – try it against your wrist to gauge the length you need.  At each end, I tied an overhand knot.

To keep your ribbon from fraying, you can heat the ends to melt them slightly.  You can do this over a candle or with a lighter (just do NOT light it on fire, haha).  This is an optional step, but it helps preserve your ribbon for longer-term wear.

How To Make Duck Tape Beads at

Then, tie it onto your (or your friend’s!) wrist!  It’s a great conversation-starter: “You made that with Duck Tape®?!”

How To Make Duck Tape Beads at

You can find Duck Tape here, and be sure to follow Duck Tape® on Pintereston Facebook, and on Twitter for all kinds of crafty inspiration.

So what kinds of spring crafts are you making this year?  Decor?  Accessories? Anything with Duck Tape®?

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