Simple Foam Stacker Christmas Tree

Today’s project is a fun and easy decor piece that your kids can even help you with.  Supplies for this one are pretty inexpensive – I actually picked up almost everything for this project at my dollar store!  It stacks simple geometric shapes (I’m lazy, I used squares – though circles or triangle would both be great looks!) in progressive sizes for a modern-style Christmas Tree.  Let me show you how!

Simple Foam Stacker Christmas Tree at

What you will need:

  • 1/4 inch diameter wood dowel (you can use another size, this was just well- suited to my hole punch, and the wood pony bead I used)
  • 4-5 sheets of craft foam (felt would also work!) in various coordinated colors
  • Styrofoam base – like this foam snowball
  • Hole Punch
  • Scissors
  • Round topper – like this wooden pony bead.  Any kind of wood or foam cap would work.
  • Optional – hot glue gun to secure it all!
  • Optional – decorative base, like this candle holder plate

Simple Foam Stacker Christmas Tree at

Assembly is really easy!  First, prepare your foam base.  For me, that consisted of cutting the foam snowball almost in half, leaving a level surface.  I inserted my dowel rod in straight.

Next, cut shapes in progressively smaller sizes.  I made mine square, because those cut up the quickest – but feel free to experiment!  Circles or triangles would give you a totally different look.  The largest squares are about 4 inches at the bottom, and 1/2 inch at the top.  Cut some additional 1/2 in che squares to place between your large squares as spacers.  Then, just stack them onto your dowel.  You can use a hole punch on the smaller squares to make stacking easy.

Simple Foam Stacker Christmas Tree at

Offset the shapes as you go, allowing all your layers and colors to show.  This will give your tree a more rounded appearance.  When you get to the top, add a cap or topper.  Mine is a simple wooden pony bead with a 1/4 inch hole.  You may find it helpful to hot glue it on, and also to hot glue the dowel into place inside the foam base.

And it’s as simple as that!!  I placed mine on a flat candle holder just to make it look slightly more decorative.  It’s a fun little decor piece to set on a mantel or shelf!  I also have plenty of dowels and some foam leftover for future projects, and I only spent $4 in supplies.

Simple Foam Stacker Christmas Tree at

What kind of Christmas decor are you making this year?

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    This is lovely, great for Children to make. They could glitter glue all over it too (well that’s what would have happened in our house anyway!)

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    It looks really so wonderful. I would like to say a big thanks for this post because I have to help my son in his project to make a Christmas tree and I was so nervous but now I am relaxed after getting your blog even I bookmarked your site also. Thank you so much..

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