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Sometimes, a little sass is all I need to perk up. Such is the case this week: sass and crafts.  It’s totally a thing.  I hammered out some stress on a new bracelet.  I think that’s the awesome thing about metal stamping – if you have your stamps, and you have a few blanks, you can take your stress out on a fabulous impromptu piece to match your mood.  Or your outfit.  You know, whatever. ;)

Hand Stamped Copper Cuff Bracelet at www.happyhourprojects.com

I almost didn’t share this piece because… well I’m sure it just seems wacky.  Not exactly a mommy-blogger type project.  But I’m feeling awfully stressed this week and I made this to cheer myself up.  What’s the deal with unicorns?  Well, it’s like one of those inside jokes among my girlfriends that ran so long (and so out of control) that the origins are half unknown but it kind of becomes a part of your identity.  I see a unicorn, I want to buy it.  Or at least instagram it.

As far as the stress, that’s a whole other story that’s not worth getting into until I know more.  It’s medical test day and I’m hoping all is well – prayers and good vibes appreciated for my husband if you’re reading this morning, though.  Hopefully the news will wind up barely being newsworthy.  But hey, I’m a bad ass unicorn, so I can handle whatever comes our way, right?  Right.


I really do love stamping.  And I love bracelets.  Like in a big-fat-puffy-heart kind of way.  So stamping this up was a perfect pick-me-up.  Here’s what you will need:

  • Stamps, your hammer, and a bench block.  This particular font is by ImpressArt and it’s called Scarlett’s Signature (because I am finding that font junkies want to know this sort of thing).
  • Masking tape and a pencil
  • Bracelet blanks – Goody Beads has these copper ones.  I’ve found aluminum ones on Etsy as well.
  • A sharpie marker, rubbing alcohol, paper towel and a polishing cloth for the shortcut darkening method I so enjoy – though purists are going to tell you that liver of sulfur is the way to go.  I think it’s too stinky and requires me to work near running water.
  • Small file for any sharp edges.  Which I didn’t really notice until I put this baby on, these photos still have sharp edges on the cuff.
  • Bracelet bender (I searched Etsy to find one ages ago, mine is a metal tool that looks like a shoe horn).  They also make bent pliers that will bend your bracelet blanks.

First, plot our your inspirational message.  Maybe you’re a bad ass unicorn too.  Maybe you’re something else.

Center your blank, and mark out where you want your letters to go on masking tape.  This way you will plot out your spacing and also achieve vertical alignment.  As you place your stamps, you can line them up against the edge of the tape.  I actually have a much more detailed jewelry stamping tutorial for beginners you can check out if you want to read more on the process, but if you have stamps-in-hand these are the basic pointers.

Hammer away.  It will make you feel better.

Hand Stamped Copper Cuff Bracelet at www.happyhourprojects.com

Next, darken your stamping with your Sharpie marker. Get it all the way into the grooves.  Dab a tiny bit of alcohol on a paper towel and wipe away the excess.  It’s okay if it looks blotchy – you’ll finish off with a polishing cloth.

Hand Stamped Copper Cuff Bracelet at www.happyhourprojects.com

Now bend that sucker.  The way my bender works is you stick one end of the blank into the groove, and bend it around to curve it.  You will do this to each side individually.

Hand Stamped Copper Cuff Bracelet at www.happyhourprojects.com

Then, just file away any sharp edges, and enjoy your new piece!

Hand Stamped Copper Cuff Bracelet at www.happyhourprojects.com

Thanks for listening (errr, reading?) my cranky attitude this morning. :P I usually don’t bother to write when I’m feeling this way, but when my attitude spills over into my crafts, I suppose it helps me to write just a little.  I’ll keep you posted if today’s appointment shows anything major.  <3

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    You have exceptional talent…absolutely beautiful! I am praying that all is well with your hubby and may the Angels be always at his side. :-)

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