How to Make Wish Bracelets – Video Tutorial

One of my most popular posts here at Happy Hour Projects is actually a very early one.  With crappy photos, but it was back before anyone really read here, haha – I was still finding my style.  It’s one of my all-time favorite crafts, though: a hemp and seed bead woven wish bracelet.  Did you wear these as a kid?  The story goes, you tie it on your wrist, make a wish, and when the cords wear through and the beads fall off, your wish is released and will come true.  Which is a really fun idea for kids.  And kids at heart.

Wish Bracelets at

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to update it for… well like 2 years now.  And I’ve finally gotten around to it.  And to show that it truly is a 10-minute (or less) project, I actually did a video tutorial that clocks in around 8 minutes. Here’s what you will need: Wish Bracelets at

  • 3 lengths of hemp cord 15-18 inches long (cut lengths closer to 21-24 inches for ankle-length bracelets)
  • Scissors
  • Size 6/0 seed beads
  • Clipboard or tape to hold your bracelet steady as you work

A quick tip for your cord: if you find it’s unraveling and you can’t get your beads strung, you can add a dab of craft glue to the ends of your hemp.  This hemp is just the cheap stuff (about 15-lb weight).

How to Make Woven Wish Bracelets at | Great summer project!  Cheap and quick to make, it's a perfect camp craft or group craft!

Take a peek at the video for the how-to!  If you prefer photos, you can also visit the original photo tutorial for wish bracelets I posted a couple years ago.

Happy braiding! Are you wishing for anything special this spring?

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    These are so cute! And your pictures are great. I don’t think I want to go digging into my archives for some of my early jewelry tutorials…yikes!!

  2. says

    I remember when you originally posted these! Still love them. All my blog pics from years ago are hellacious too…lol…-ah, the old blogging days

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    I had to give these wish bracelets a try. I made a couple for my daughter and niece. They were so cute I even made one for myself. Thanks for the nice tutorial!

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