Looking Back on 2012, and Ahead to 2013

Happy New Year!  I hope yours is already off to a great start.  (You know, as great a start as the first few hours of the new year can be.)  Fair warning… today’s post is full of me just talking.  It’s the new year… I’m full of introspection.  I don’t post my own musings very often, but it’s one of those days today.  (So would that be… extrospection??  When I post it for all the world to see?  LOL.)

2012 was a good year for me.  A year ago I picked a theme – one word for the year.  My word was “try”.  Try… new things, push myself to expand my horizons, make an effort wherever I can, and don’t give up when things are discouraging.  I stuck to it pretty well, I think!  Did you pick one word for your 2012?  How did you do with it?

As far as the blog goes, I sure had some fun around here.  I am rounding up the top five most popular posts of 2012 for you – in case you missed them the first time around!

Top Five Craft Projects

#1 – Bite Sized Party Bark.  I posted this one in September, but it didn’t get really popular until Christmas time!

#2 – Wire Wrapped Family Tree.  This one was a wedding gift for a friend that was also my bead-themed entry in the 5-round Craft Contest I participated in over at One Artsy Mama back in the spring.  It’s funny how popular this one was throughout the year, because I only managed to come in 3rd in the bead round in the competition!  All the beads represent the birthstones in the bride & groom’s families.

#3 – The Ten-Minute Bracelet.  Because it only takes ten minutes, presumably. ;) A really simple woven bracelet.

#4 – Wish Bracelets.  I made and wore these ALL the time as a kid.  It must have been a welcome memory for a lot of you as well!

#5 – Reusable Lined Snack Baggie.  I used recycled grocery bags to make the liner.  The pattern would be great for PUL or any other water-resistant liner, too.

I have seen a lot of blogs come and go in the past year, and I plan to stick around in 2013!  I will probably ease up a little bit on the tutorials and just post 2 or 3 a week once we get farther into the year, because big things are in the works in our family.  We are hoping to move this year from our tiny condo into a house with some more space.  That means there will be projects aplenty and lots to share with you… but not as much time to sit down at my desk at the end of the night to write about it while we are in transition.  You know, unless in the next few months they invent boxes that pack and unpack themselves.  (Hey, it’s 2013 – is that SO impossible to imagine…?)  Okay, yeah, probably not… too bad!!


But the big news (and the reason a move is necessary soon)… is that we are expecting a new addition to our family this summer!  Yeah!

(I know… it doesn’t look like much on the ultrasound.  But the little jellybean has a nice strong heartbeat, so even though it’s early, my husband and I have been sharing the news.)

Being a working mom with a toddler takes up a lot of my time already – and adding a newborn to that mix is definitely not going to give me any more free time!  So when the time comes (the end of July/first of August, depending which doctor I am talking to), I’ll have a lot less time for playing here for a little while.  I started crafting and blogging when Raya was about 4 months old as a means of saving my sanity, though – so you better believe I’ll still be checking in regularly! It just might not be every day like my normal blog schedule.

So all that said… it’s time to pick a new word for 2013.  One word.  After some thought, I decided this is where my focus should be in the coming year:


(You knew that was coming, right??)

No taking on more than I can handle, no getting talked into things I’m too nice to say no to, and no losing focus on our finances when confronted with a fabulous handbag (I confess… it happens.) I need to ask myself every so often, “Am I on-track with my goals?  Is this helping?  Is it helping me spend time on what’s important?” and stick to my priorites – number one being my family!

What about you – do you have “one word” for the new year, or do you make resolutions?  What’s in store for you in 2013?  I’d love to hear about it, leave a comment!




  1. says

    Wahoo! How exciting, Congratulations! Great word for the year. I am looking forward to reading and seeing your posts in 2013. Blessings and prayers to you for this wonderfully HOPEful new year. (My word is HOPE) :)

    Roxana @ Four Eleven Rox

  2. says

    Congratulations!!!! Next year sounds like a big and exciting year for your family! I emailed my friend last week about PRIORITIES and doing what I thought was most important for me and my family in the future so I think that’s a great word to start off the new year :)

  3. Marilyn says

    CONGRATS!!!! Adrianne, I’m so incredibly happy for you. 2013 is going to be a year full of transition and full of excitement! You go girl!

  4. kit says

    I just discovered you this year. I have really enjoyed your posts, and look forward to seeing and experiencing your creativity. When my kids were young I went back to work to get back my sanity. We are so blessed to live in an age where technology helps us stay in touch with others so easily, and allows creative people to share their joy. Thanks for sharing and congratulations. A blessed birth! How exciting. I look forward to whatever you have time to share with the world.

  5. Maureen says

    Oh Honey, congratulations! When I first fell into this wonderful rabbit hole of crafting blogs last spring, you were one of the first I started following and you have always been so kind and helpful. I love your blog and am glad you are taking the time to just “talk” to us today. Not that I don’t love your tutorials, but it is nice to hear from you nice in awhile as well.

    I am so happy for you about the new baby, the upcoming move and the success of yur blog. Whatever schedule you post on,I will be here! I love the word you have chosen for 2013. I choose a word for the first time this year as well, I chose HOPE. I didn’t have a very good 2012 and am also facing some major changes this coming year, and I felt I needed to focus back on my faith as well allowing myself to believe and remember that things have a reason and a season. I had lost a lot of hope last year, so I am going to try to focus on gaining that back this year.

    I hope we all have a happy, healthy and peaceful 2013 and I look forward to following along with you as we journey through it.


  6. says

    Oh yay, congratulations! Good luck with everything in you’re new year, and hope you have a nice, smooth pregnancy. Can’t wait to see all your new projects too:)

  7. Stephanie B. says

    Congratulations on he new baby. Hope you find some new digs soon. do what you need to do to make things work for you and that new life you have in there.

  8. says

    You have a beautiful little jellybean there. Congrats!

    I like your one word. I’m continuing the theme of LESS from last year to ME this year. I don’t think I can find a smaller word with a bigger goal than that. And hey, look, I made time for me to finally check out some blogs I’ve not had a chance to visit in a long time. :)

  9. Joy says

    Well I must admit picking a word and not have a resolution, is a first for me. I love it. Words are my to clearly communicate(poetry). Your word inspired me more then my resolution. It was to have a better year then 2012. Three year’s ago I got an ear infection and I have not stopped getting sick with any & every illness you can or can’t imagine. Ears to chest to losing function of my left leg. Then top it off after 10 year’s. ..my husband & I took a break. Thirteen was my dad’s lucky #. He past almost 22 year’s ago. So here’s to 2013….let it be better then 2012 & allow me to get & keep my priorities straight!!!! Happy New Year’s! !!!

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