Year In Review: Best of Happy Hour Projects

Happy new year, friends!  Well, nearly.  Today, I want to take a moment to look back on 2013 at some of the most popular projects here at Happy Hour Projects, and thank you readers for coming by and spending a little bit of your day here with me!  If you missed any of these projects the first time around, or if you haven’t been reading here for very long, here’s your chance to see what other readers’ favorites were this year.  So here we go, let’s do this countdown-style!

Best Of Happy Hour Projects

Number ten: Instant Chai Tea Mix.  This is a very yummy recipe for instant spiced chai!  I think nothing compares to steeping tea, but for gifts and for convenience, this recipe is one of my favorites for gifting.

Instant Chai Tea Mix at

Number nine: The Cucumber Martini.  This is one of my favorite summertime cocktails!

Cucumber Martini at

Number eight: Braided Bead and Hemp Bracelets.  These make up in about ten minutes each, and you only need hemp and seed beads, making it really inexpensive too.

Simple Braided Bead and Hemp Bracelets at

Number seven: The Glass Map Necklace Tutorial.  I used to sell these on Etsy, but I think you readers enjoy making it yourself even more!

Glass Map Necklace at

Number six: Leaf-Imprinted Polymer Clay Necklace.  This is another fantastic project if you like quick and inexpensive.  Some readers sent me photos of the necklaces they made using this tutorial, and there is some BEAUTIFUL work going on out there! (And I always love to see your photos!!)

Leaf-Imprint Polymer Clay Pendant at

Number five: Easy Woven Wrap Bracelet.  If you can braid and tie basic knots, you can make this one, I promise.

Easy Woven Wrap Bracelet at

Number four: Re-usable plastic-lined snack baggies.  This one actually caused a bit of controversy.  I’m thrilled that you all loved it, but readers seem to be torn on whether recycled plastic grocery bags are indeed food safe.  So take this one as you like – it’s a great beginners’ sewing project, but I have to say I’m not studied up enough on the science of plastics to say whether or not you should use recycled grocery bags in contact with food, which was a thought that never entered my mind when I first shared this project.

Reusable Lined Snack Baggies at

Number three: Wish Bracelets.  This is another version of the braided bead and hemp bracelets – the original, actually!  The story goes, you make a wish when you tie this onto your wrist, and when the cords wear through, your wish will come true!

Wish Bracelets at

Number two: my Jewelry Stamping Tutorial. This post is geared toward total beginners by a fellow beginner at the time. It has tips for what to get, where to buy, and how to get started. I’m still no pro, but I’m happy to share what I have learned in this addictive hobby!

Jewelry Stamping Tutorial for Beginners at

And number one holds the title of “top post” for two years running: Bite-sized Party Bark!  Who knew that just making up a sweet bark recipe in ice cube trays would be such a popular idea?

Star Shaped Party Bark at Happy Hour Projects

And there you have it, friends!  It’s clear to me that you guys like the jewelry projects, so I will be sure to keep those coming!  I have a couple of creative goals for 2014, including a really big and exciting project that I’ll be talking more about in the spring!

I hope you have a happy and safe night, and that 2014 is a wonderful year for you and your family.  What was your favorite thing that you made in 2013?  What are your plans for 2014?

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    What a wonderful round-up! My daughter fell in love with Happy Hour Projects when she saw your “plastic lined snack bags” :)

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